Fire Ban Resolution

Resolution of the Las Animas
County Board of Commissioners
June 28, 2011

It is important for all property owners to understand the provisions 1 (a) through (g), especially when hiring someone to do work on their land, or if they are working on it themselves.  If they do not make these provisions known to the contractor and do not have the contractor's commitment to follow them, they endanger themselves, the Ranch and may create liability for themselves.  A few years ago there was a fire started by inappropriate activity on a large property by Gulnare, to our northwest.  The property owner and his contractor were sued by those around him whose facilities were lost and the settlement ran into the millions, according to the attorney's representing adjacent property owners.  It is important we are cognisant of that.

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Note that Part D states that chainsaw work and machine work should cease by 11:00 AM.  So contractor should be able to work smart and start real early and stop at 11:00.  The work area must be monitored for a least another hour.

Also, if it would help the situation, CK Morey has a small fire truck (military 4 x 4) that can be moved to the Bar N I Ranch for the contractor to use.  It holds 200 gallons and is simple to operate.  There is a small charge cost to get it there and small daily use charge.  Contractor would pay for all the fuel.