Railroad Tunnel at Exit 2

The POA Board has been made aware that a small group of residents at the South end of the ranch intends to take it upon themselves to improve the emergency exit road at the railroad tunnel accessed from I-25 exit two and use it daily for their own means.  And to have control of that access.

There are a few facts they would be well advised to consider before investing their own funds in said project.

The POA Board does not intend to relinquish control of POA assets to individuals.  The security gate was installed at a cost of $5,000 taken from the general fund in an effort to improve security and control an out of the way access well known to various unsavory non-residents.  This gate was an expensive but necessary improvement over the various ramshackle gates that have existed at that location for years and provided no real security.

The vaunted easement across G-17 does not have guaranteed access at either end, rendering it inconsequential to this issue.  Use of the road through the tunnel is an act of trespassing, and residents have been warned it is not allowed.

If this issue escalates further, the POA will take any steps necessary to establish its right of control over Ranch access and security.  The welfare of the entire Ranch is more important to the Board than a shortcut for a privileged few.

Bob Scott for the POA Board of Directors
May 2, 2019