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General Postings
Information of General Interest to Everyone

Property Tax Homestead Exemption for Seniors (2019 short form)
SFTR Logo Wear (Opens in new tab.) 8/5/2019
John Deere Tractor for sale with loader and brush mower 11/21/2018
350 CC ATV for sale 6/27/2018
Skid Steer for Sale 12/28/2016
Frequently Asked Questions of the Las Animas County Building Inspector 2/22/2012

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Ranch Postings
Ranch Business and Information

Mineral Rights Ownership and Status 5/4/2007
POA Sprayers Available for Use 6/30/2009

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Real Estate
For Sale by and for POA Members

Lot For Sale (C49) 2/5/2019
Lot For Sale (D69) 12/14/2018
Business Lot For Sale: Linda's Laundry 6/23/2018
Lot For Sale (C36, on Tall Timber Trace) 1/17/2017
Lot For Sale (D47) 6/9/2012

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Property Owner Enterprises
Businesses with a Ranch Connection

FlyCam Enterprises, LLC
33449 Gallinas Pkwy
832-906-9634 / 281-635-0751
Rich & Kim Hoffman

From aerial Real Estate photography, to professional videography, to agricultural research, and tower inspections, to search and rescue, and much more, drones are changing our everyday lives and creating opportunities previously unheard of.

Now you can have professional aerial videos and photos of your business, home or property.  Anything you can take a picture of with a camera, aerial gives it a unique perspective.

FlyCam Enterprises uses only FAA licensed pilots and the latest in Drone Technology in tandem with traditional photography.  FlyCam has partnered with Kirk Loudon at YourCreativeNow studios to develop custom videos and presentations that are truly spectacular!

Give us a call today for a FREE quote!

Butterflies Baked Goods, LLC
33349 Alpine Meadows Drive
Julie Loudon

Butterflies Baked Goods is a local Cottage Foods Bakery, so all my goodies are made from scratch in my home.  I do not have a Gluten-Free kitchen, nor do I bake vegan.  This is strictly your mother’s or grandmother’s home baked goods from scratch.  (Butter is a MUST!)  I primarily make cookies, brownies and bars, breakfast breads, scones and sheet or Bundt cakes.  I can make most any quantity needed and package beautifully as well.  Need a gift basket?  I can do that too.

For the winter months, I currently have a space one Saturday a month at The Comida Market on Main Street.  During the summer, I am at the local Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings.  However, you can call me any time to place an order of your choice.

Whatever the occasion…Birthdays, Holidays, Family Gatherings…

Let me do the baking for you!  I am on Facebook (where you can see photos of some of my treats), or you can e-mail or call me with your baking needs.

Trinity River Massage Therapy
33029 Fishers Peak Parkway
Shannon Youngquist Lucy, LMT

Many SFTR residents are seeking a low stress, relaxing lifestyle.  But life happens, and stress, anxiety and sore muscles may come knocking.  I am here to help you.  I am Shannon Youngquist Lucy, a Licensed Massage Therapist living on the SFTR.

I offer Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Integrative Massage at your home or mine.  Additionally, I practice Oncology and Hospice Massage, as well as Healing Touch Energy Therapy.

Healing Touch is a light-touch or no-touch therapy that is helpful in relieving pain, stress and anxiety, and in preparing for and recovering from surgeries.  Sessions can be designed to focus on your specific physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Please see my website for further information, or contact me to treat yourself to a wonderful massage or energy therapy session.

33361 Mountain View
Trinidad, CO  81082
719-845-0024 – h
719-859-5949 – c
Roxanne Briggs & Terry Brown T-ROX is a fire mitigation company specializing in brush and tree clearing, tree thinning, limbing, stump grinding and mulching existing slash piles.  We also do driveway grading and auger and grapple work.  We are fully equipped, knowledgeable and have worked with insurance companies to make properties "fire wise".  We work diligently with customers to create a fire safe landscape and defensible space around your home, while preserving as much of the natural habitat as possible.  T-ROX is licensed, bonded and insured.  Free estimates are available as well as referrals from many satisfied ranch customers.
Pam Colander Photography
Fine Art Nature and Landscape Prints
Pam Colander I would love for you to visit my web site.  I offer prints for sale to beautify your home, office or business.  You choose the framing and mounting options you like.
Scenic West Properties
132 E. Main Street
Trinidad, CO  81082
Rick Johnson As full time residents of SFTR we are more than qualified and happy to share the SFTR experience with interested buyers.  Additionally, we look forward to assisting you in your real estate needs both on the Ranch or in nearby areas.  All of us at Scenic West Properties promise you the highest level of professionalism and customer service.  Please check our website for homes and land available.  We look forward to serving you.
Log Homes of the Santa Fe Trail
33233 Fox Trail
Trinidad, CO  81082
719 846-8346
719 859-0521
Tony Riley Let me help you with your dream log home.  I can help you with site planning, design, sales and construction.  I work with Hilltop Log Homes.  I have sold 11 log homes on Santa Fe Trail Ranch and have built or been involved extensively with the construction of 9 of them.  I can help you through the process of getting your log home built.
Cunico Tire Co.
1042 S.  2nd St
Raton, NM
Bob L. and Ann Scott

Cunico Tire Co., Inc., In Raton NM, has expanded its capabilities to include auto repair, with an emphasis on auto electric diagnosis and repair.  This also includes light mechanical repair on all types of passenger vehicles, light and medium trucks, RVs, and all types of trailers.  Our labor rates are very competitive and we encourage you to call for quotes or with any sort of repair questions.

Robert L. (Bob) Scott, the business owner, has been Master Certified by the NIASE in automobile, light truck, and heavy truck repair, as well as Drivability Diagnostics, and is available for involvement on any repair.

Brian Moore, the shop General Manager, has been employed in the auto repair industry for nearly thirty years and will be happy to assist you with any questions or needs.

Ranch Hand LLC
33117 Elk Ridge Trail
Trinidad, CO  81082
719 846 2614
Bob Dye Ranch Hand LLC is designed to manage and maintain the home and property of the absentee landlord.  Together we can develop an individualized action plan to ensure your property is secure and maintained during your absence.  I can perform most repair and maintenance work.  However, if a problem requires a skill or equipment beyond my ability, I will serve as the owner's representative to coordinate and supervise the solution with a trusted service rep.  I am a full time resident on the Ranch and can get to most properties within 30 minutes in case of emergency.  Please contact me to discuss services I can provide you.
Fox Trail Energyworks, LLC
RC Ghormley Before we built our home, we evaluated several different forms of alternate energy.  We chose what we felt was the best for our particular situation, a solar hot water home heating system.  I can help with the exploratory thought process, evaluating competing technologies, estimating initial costs and calculating pay-back times, system design and performance calculations, and physical installation plans.
Golden Fleece Alpacas

Picture of Apollo Snow
Michelle Blake
We are a small ranch dedicated to breeding and selling top quality Huacaya alpacas.  The first time people meet an alpaca they are often captivated by their gentle demeanor, curious nature, pleasant humming, warm dark eyes and the touch of their silky soft fleece.  Yet beyond their charming nature and ability to evoke a smile from anyone, alpacas offer a chance at a unique and successful lifestyle.  We welcome visitors! Looking for that perfect gift? Golden Fleece Alpacas also offers a variety of luxurious high-end alpaca products including scarves, hats, socks and slippers.  Please visit our website at: www.goldenfleecealpacas.com
Murphy's Meadow Design Services
Santa Fe Trail Ranch
33091 Fox Trail
Trinidad, Colorado 81082
Roberto Jordán
I am an experienced home designer that can provide complete design and documentation for your new home.  I can provide samples and references upon request.  Give me a call to discuss how I can help you with your new home.  Thanks.
Insurance Plus, Inc.
33500 Gallinas Parkway
Trinidad, CO  81082
Elaine Fodor, Agent I am and Independent Insurance Agent and have been in the insurance business for over 30 years.  I specialize in Life Insurance, Individual and Group Health Insurance, Fixed Annuities, Medicare Plans, and Dental Plans.  Give me a call and I would be happy to mail you a quote and discuss options with you.  I can quote hard to place risks as well as health individuals.
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