SFTR Board Mission and Meeting Protocol

The Board mission, under the terms of our governing documents, is to conduct the business of the Santa Fe Trail Ranch as it deems in the best interest of the Ranch and the majority of our property owners.

All Board meetings in which voting takes place are open meetings.  Generally, every Owner is permitted to speak at an appropriate time before the Board takes formal action on an item under discussion.  However, Owners who are not Board members may not participate in any deliberation or discussion at a Board meeting unless authorized to do so by a vote of the board.  There will also be an opportunity for any Owner to make a motion, statement or inquiry at the appropriate time during the meeting.  There will be a 3 minute time limit on each Owner speaking at a meeting.  (This protocol is in keeping with Colorado Senate bill 05-100, signed into law June 1, 2005).

Members with questions, comments or concerns are urged to attend the appropriate Committee meeting to address those concerns whenever practical.  The conclusions of the Committee will be presented to the Board for any required action at the Board level.  Most issues will be handled at a Committee level.  Committee meeting dates will be posted on the website and the bulletin board.

It will be our goal to conduct only Board business during Board meetings, and limit open comments.  Any new business from the floor will be referred to the appropriate Committee or to a temporary Committee, unless it is of a nature that requires immediate Board action.

Meetings will be guided by Robertís Rules for small Boards, as far as practical.  The aim and intent is to make this Board as efficient and productive as possible.

Thanks to everyone for their participation and cooperation.

Robert L. Scott
President, SFTR POA