Photo Gallery Usage Help

To View Photos

Meaning of the Various Icons

Small Picture Image Shows the photo information page with a SMALL photo (up to 300 x 300 pixels).  This page will load the fastest of all the choices.
Medium Picture Image Shows the photo information page with a MEDIUM photo (up to 600 x 600 pixels).  This is the best for most users.
Large Picture Image Shows the photo information page with a LARGE photo (full size).  This option shows the photo in its original size as it was uploaded, which shows the most detail.
Edit Icon This icon will only show if you uploaded the photo.  Click on this icon allows you edit the information stored with the photo (caption, credit, date taken, etc.).

Fields Availble for Each Picture

Credit This is generally the photographer's name, but it could also be a source, such as a magazine or organization.
Date Taken Sometimes the exact date is not known, but this field will always be either blank (indicating the date is not known) or contain an exact date - even if that date is just a guess.  For example, if the photo was taken in sometime in August 2009, the date may appear as 8/15/2009.
Location This optional field provides information about the where the photo taken.
Caption This required text appears with the photo everywhere it is shown.
This optional field can be used to elaborate on the caption.

To Submit Photos

If you have a photo you would like to share, you can upload it to the web site.  Once uploaded, your photo(s) will be reviewed and then made available for viewing.  Please provide as much information as possible when uploading since more information makes for more interesting photos.  (See Fields Availble for Each Picture, above, for details.)

To start the process of uploading a photo, click on the "Upload a Photo" button below.  On the upload page, click on the "Browse..." button to locate and select the photo for upload.  (It will help if you know where on your computer the photo is stored.)  After selecting the photo, fill in the other fields as appropriate (caption, date taken, etc.) and click on the "Upload Picture" button.  The size of the picture being uploaded and the speed of your Internect connection will deternime how long it takes to upload the picture, but gennerally it should take from a few seconds to a minute or more.

After the photo is successfully uploaded, and e-mail is sent containing all the supplied information.  At any point you can change information about the photo using a link in the e-mail.  Your photo will be reviewed by a member of the Communications Committee before being available for public viewing.

All submissions are subject to web site guidelines.