Preparedness Corner
December 1, 2000
By Paul Vircsik

I'm back. It was nice to visit with many of my neighbors while out for the POA meeting. It felt like being home.

Our fire protection on the ranch has been enhanced by two things; a new fire engine and some awesome big-hearted souls, the latter being the largest boost to our community. Why? It's because you will not find a more attentive group than when the people who protect your home are familiar with the area and its citizens. They have a vested interest as well. I had the opportunity to talk with several of them at the fire open house and they are a proud bunch, eager to learn their new craft and protect all of us. I commend all of you and applaud you for taking on such a noble profession. "Aw" you say. "But I'm not being paid for this." Monetarily true, but your reward is the smile on the kid's face as your drive by a hero, and the tear in the homeowner's eye for saving their house. Good luck to all of you.

Two other quick items. When we all changed our clocks back to standard time, did you also remember to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? Hope so.

Secondly, I talked to my mom last week. She wanted to thank me for teaching her to unplug the toaster after each use. Her good friend came home to find the house full of smoke from a toaster that was still plugged in which shorted out. The elements heated up the underside of her cabinets and charred them. The fire department said 30 minutes more, the kitchen would have erupted, and the whole house would have been toast (so to speak). It is the number one cause of fires in the kitchen by appliances. I don't think you want to come home to find our new fire engine in your front yard, do you?

See you all soon,

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