Preparedness Corner
June 2001
By Paul Vircsik

Hi neighbors,

I know that this column is mostly for fire safety. I know that most of the property owners may never see it. I know that not all the ranch residents read it. I also know from experience that those who do may not agree nor follow what is advised. What I do know is that all the information offered is valid, reliable and saves lives and property. Including not necessarily the ones who practice it. Maybe your neighbor benefits from what you do or don’t do. I also know that my station in life is to bring knowledge to you, my neighbors, to provide a safer environment for you and me.

I just received a flyer about our 25-mph speed limit. It got me thinking. I know, dangerous encounter. Let me present some facts to hopefully make you realize that anything faster really is counter productive to your existence.

My little place in the world is 6.25 miles from the bridge. From Currant Ct., off of Owen Baldwin Prkwy. either route I take “off the hill”, Cottonwood or Gallinas, it takes 15 minutes at our suggested speed limit. I say suggested because this is private property and we do not enlist cops to enforce our bylaws.

Doing some math, I came up with the following:

25-mph 15 minutes
35-mph 11 minutes
40-mph 9.5 minutes

Hmmm a 5 1/2-minute difference. Probably shorter than the time it took to read this article. 40-mph is a teeth jolter, I know, I tried it once.

Further more, as you are by now well aware, emergency services are not as timely as living in a city. Consider that while waiting for the rescue/ambulance unit. That’s if someone found you. When fire strikes you can remove yourself and only “things” are destroyed. Can you honestly say that when you have a wreck or cause someone else to? Can you? Did your blatant disregard to drive faster than our roads can accommodate cause your neighbor to unavoidably have an accident. Forget about the roads, how much extra wear and tear are you causing to your own vehicle?

One more thought. I know that in the great state of Colorado, if you destroy public highway property, you’re liable, you pay. If you are the cause of someone else’s accident, you are liable, you pay. Does it really have to get to that point at Sante Fe Trail Ranch? See you all soon…or maybe not.


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