Preparedness Corner
July 2001
By Paul Vircsik

Hello Neighbors,

Nothing is as strong as a volunteer’s heart. Fire season is here and I know fires have been fought. Your homes and property has been guarded and at times defended. You may not have seen them performing this voluntary duty often times thankless, but always with a passion to protect. Nothing is as strong as a volunteer’s heart.

To my fellow Firefighters. Be careful in your endeavor. If the 10 and 18 are too hard to remember out on the fire line use this: LCES.

Lookouts, always have them to watch where it is and where it’s going.

Communications, within your group, with command, with someone who knows where the fire is and what it is doing.

Escape routes, everyone and I mean everyone knows where they are and plan for them.

Safety zones, where they are along the way and how to get there. Timber fires are extremely hard to be careful in once you leave the road.

Stay out of chimneys and saddles and don’t park on inside curves. Remember LCES and watch out for each other. Don’t get offended if your fellow firefighter asks if you are OK.

Wish I could be there with all of you,


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