Preparedness Corner
September 2001
By Paul Vircsik

Hi Neighbors,

I had a great column for you regarding change and our rebellion against it, but then I received the August issue of "Colorado" from San Isabel Electric and well, it will have to wait for another time. The article title is "Surviving to fight another day". I recommend it for everyone.

Right now, I am listening to KSPK on the web instead of turning on the local stations, good game tonight. I did not know that we live in a "Red Zone", did you? Ooooh sounds scary. From Trinidad to Fort Collins, all along the front range, 5,263 square miles. Guess you will have to ask one of your volunteer firefighter neighbors what that means. Get involved, find out and someone let me know please. It is a good article about much of what you should already know about the state of our forest and how Mother Nature doesn’t get a chance to naturally comb herself out by fire. That is due to you and me moving into the area and because of fire suppression policies.

I remember what the ranch used to look like when I first bought six years ago. Fallen trees along the roads, freshly cut and old dead ones. Owners having open campfires with not a care in the world for what would happen if. Trash from non-caring contractors and crappy (sorry, my french) roads. No water, no phone, and NO fire protection.

Well, the trees are mostly gone, open camp fires are a thing of the past (if you know what’s good for you or unless you have oodles of cash to pay for the out come), and the trash and roads are kept after. People on the ranch are trying to adapt to the country life, just look around. Read the articles on the web site, look around you when you go to town, go to the functions of the POA. A lot of my neighbors have joined the Fisher Peak Fire Department and most everyone on the ranch now realizes the time delay factor of responding help if they didn’t already know. Having these folks on the ranch is a very instructional asset indeed. I have witnessed the shift myself. Now instead of what is fire, I am asked about fire protection systems that the asker knows a lot about.

Change. Change is good…sometimes. People instinctively dislike change. So far, our changes have been good. Now we have thistle. I am sure that will be gone soon too. Keep up the good work…and the change.

See you all soon,


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