Water System Reference Page
Links to Water System Items

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If if my waters stops?  A checklist to help determine the cause of a water outage at your location.

Customer info for cisterns  Information about cistern configuration.

Water Meter Reading Card  Use this form to submit water usage for billing purposes.

Water Usage Form  Use this form to to track your water usage.

Water Tap Application  Documents and instructions for applying for a water tap.  (Updated April 2016)
Water Tap Checklist  Checklist of items needed to complete the application.
How I Got My SFTR Water Tap  A description of what one person did to get their water tap.

Water System Tank Map  Shows which water tank serves specific areas of the Ranch.

SFTR Metro District Consumer Confidence Report - The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) and /or the Santa Fe Trail Ranch MD and City of Trinidad Drinking Water Quality Report are available upon request.  Please call Abby Tamburelli at 719-846-2080 ext. 112.