Bird Alert
October 2, 2004
Brown Thrasher
By Joyce Wolff

Yesterday was a WONDERFUL day for birds at our pond.  What brought in those 12 or so species?  The clouds, the cooling air?  Several residents didn't show up while I was watching.  We could easily have had 20 or so if they had.  The seed feeder was full but it was water they were seeking.  Of course our woods are getting drier again now.

Brown Thrasher

The Blue Jay didn't show up on his appointed day this year but the excitement for the morning was a Brown Thrasher - the first we've ever seen on the Ranch.  It hung around for several hours.  The first fall appearance of the Williamson Sapsucker female who flew straight to her favorite tree.  The Hairy Woodpecker is more and more in appearance and of course those noisy Clark's Nutcrackers are in the tops of the Ponderosas everyday.  A Pinon Jay popped in for a drink but his extended family did not appear.  First Pinon Jay we've had at water.

And of course it's time to watch for Sandhill Cranes.