Women's Group
Meeting on 3/22/2008

Present:  Barb Wurfel, Sue Downs, Deb Roberts, Frances Purswell-Montoya, Sue Spanner, Sylvia Crisler, Elaine Fodor, Jan Ferrero, Julene Gyde, Betty Ruward, Linda Austin, June Stephens, Doris Noard.

The meeting was Chaired and at the home of Doris Noard.  The past history of the Womens Group was discussed for new members joining the group.  Future topics presented by the group:

  1. Fundraising – Cookbooks, logo wear, note cards, laminated ranch maps, Santa Fe Trail posters, garage sale, and crafts were all discussed as past fundraisers.  Fran will check into logo wear pricing and work with Sue and Elaine on the project.  June will check into cookbook pricing and updating, Santa Fe Trail posters, and pricing for laminating maps.
  2. It was believed that Nancy Scott has the account of the Womens Group money from past fundraising.  She will be contacted to determine her interest in continuing as group Treasurer.
  3. SFTR Community Center – There was agreement and support of a community center.  There was a discussion of where the center may be located.  The center needs POA Board action to proceed.
  4. Money for Funeral Luncheons – It was moved and seconded that the Womens Group set aside $600 for funeral luncheon expenses.  The amount allotted for a funeral luncheon would be $200.
  5. Welcome Wagon as a Womens Group Activity – Need ideas of what to include in welcome wagon 'kit' and do not want to duplicate items in ranch welcome kit.  Once kit is established, several ladies from the womens group would deliver the kit to new folks on the ranch.
  6. Summer Picnic – Betty and Jerry Withington have volunteered their home for the picnic.  Dates were discussed and it was decided to let Betty and Jerry pick the date.  Picnic ideas discussed: pig roast, chili cook off contest, opportunity for womens group fundraising.
  7. General business – The chairperson for the meeting will rotate each meeting.  Person hosting the group will chair the meeting.  One person will take minutes and put on SFTR web site for 3 months.  Doris volunteered for the first three months.  The next meeting will be Saturday, April 12 at Sue Spanner’s home, at 1:00 pm., 33115 Mountain Meadow Overlook.  Please RSVP if attending to Sue at 845-1160 by April 10.  Use phone communication if weather does not permit meeting.  The May meeting will be at Barb Wurful’s home, date not yet determined.
  8. Susie Davis will be coordinating a SFTR dinner at Cougar Canyon on Friday April 18, 2008.  Watch the web site for info, time, and to RSVP.