Women's Group
Meeting on 4/20/2008

Present: Sue Spanner, Frances Purswell-Montoya, Doris Noard, Barb Wurfel, Sue Downs, Betty Withington, Sylvia Crisler, Carol Rankin

The Meeting was Chaired at the home of Sue Spanner.  Old business discussed:

  1. The pricing on printing the old cookbooks versus new cookbooks was discussed.  It was decided to sideline the cookbooks as fund raisers for the time being and explore other fund raising options.
  2. Francie got prices from our previous embroidery vendor.  Sue S. presented information on a new embroidery vendor who owns property on the ranch.  It was decided to remain with the original logo, and to expedite ordering in time for the annual picnic, to place our order with the local vendor this time.  A survey was done on which articles of clothing to order.  It was also decided that we needed to verify our finances before purchasing.
  3. Betty will look into previous Woman’s Group financials.  It is believed that money raised in previous Woman’s Groups endeavors should be spent with the general approval of previous members.  Once OKed, logo wear will be ordered.
  4. It was determined that the current Woman’s Group mission be described as "The Woman’s Group exists for camaraderie and fund raising for the benefit of Santa Fe Trail Ranch."
  5. Sylvia designed and drew up a Welcome booklet for SFTR newcomers.  She will look into having them printed.  Sue S. will help print other pertinent information to also be used in the Welcome kit.  Inquires will be made at Wal-Mart and Safeway for donations of cloth bags to use with the Welcome kits.  It was determined that Welcome kits be distributed to SFTR newcomers who move here permanently.  Sue D. and Sylvia indicated they would like to deliver the Welcome kits to newcomers.  Anyone interested in helping, contact Sylvia at 846-8550.
  6. The group agreed that June Stephens should order 20 SFTR anniversary posters based on her investigation into their availability and cost.  It was also agreed that she should order new plat maps, some laminated.  These will be offered for sale at the annual picnic, and maps will be included in the Welcome kit.
  7. The time, date, and location were determined for the annual SFTR picnic.  It will be on the conservancy on Gallinas near Fox Trail as it was previously held.  It will be Saturday, July 5th, 2008 at 11:30 AM.  The Woman’s Group will furnish hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, condiments, plates, and plastic ware.  Final preparations such as, getting the awnings out of storage, designating cooks and grills, will be made at the May meeting.  Sue S. will post the information on the SFTR web site.

New business discussed:

  1. Sue S. brought up the suggestion of renaming the Woman’s Group.  The majority wanted to keep the name as is.
  2. Sue D. suggested the purchase of a large gas outdoor cooker for use at Woman’s Group events.  Everyone was in agreement.
  3. The next meeting will be at Barb Wurfel’s house at 33241 Mountain View on Saturday May 31st at 11:00 AM.