Women's Group
Meeting on 5/31/2008

Present:  Betty Withington, Linda Austin, June Stephens, Doris Noard, Sylvia Crisler, Kris Spinning, Barb Wurfel

The meeting was chaired at the home of Barb Wurfel.  Old business discussed:

  1. The comments on the SFTR website Discussion Forum made by previous members of the Women’s Group regarding financials was discussed.  Betty reported that there is approximately $6000 in the account at First National Bank and that she and Nancy Scott are current signers.  There is a third signer but no one recalls who it is.  Betty is willing to remain a signer but does not want to be Treasurer.  Doris volunteered to be Treasurer.  She was then officially nominated and elected.  It was decided that any expenses must be approved at a meeting before reimbursement will be made.  Betty will contact Nancy when she gets back in town about getting new signature cards signed, etc.
  2. Sylvia reviewed the items she received for inclusion in our Welcome tote bag to new residents.  She had nine complete totes ready for delivery and Sue Downs has delivered three.  Sylvia is confident that the local merchants will cooperate as she puts together additional totes.  Currently, our only source of new residents is Francie Purswell-Montoya.  Members of the Women’s Group should let Sylvia or Sue D. of any new residents.  Doris will ask Nancy Allred to let us know when a lot is switched from “unimproved” to “improved” in an effort to identify newcomers.  Doris will also talk with Nancy A. about the inclusion of the POA Welcome Kit in our totes.  It was decided that we should keep a list of who receives bags so that we can contact them and invite them to the next meeting.
  3. June reported that the Santa Fe Trail commemorative poster is no longer available.  She even contacted the warehouse in AZ who, in turn, called several companies that had the poster in stock at one time.  They were unable to locate any.
  4. The ordering of logo wear was discussed.  It was decided to let the logo wear committee invest approximately $1000 in t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, etc.  It was thought that hats, t-shirts and other less expensive items would sell more readily at the annual picnic than the more expensive jackets and denim shirts.  June thought that she could purchase aprons and totes for a lesser price at Hobby Lobby and have the embroidery vendor apply the logo.  (In a subsequent discussion with Francie Purswell-Montoya, June learned that the vendor will only embroider items ordered through her.)  Barb will tell Francie about the discussion and ask her to place the order.
  5. The July 5th picnic was discussed.  There are many tasks to complete prior to the picnic.  Doris and Betty said they would have a committee meeting (Doris, Betty, Francie, Sue D., Sue S.) prior to the next meeting.  Linda has the tents that belong to the Women’s Group.  She asked that someone volunteer to store them after the picnic as she no longer has room for them.  The four tables owned by the group are in the guard shack.  They will be used to hold the food.  Chris volunteered to put up a sign by the mailboxes.  She will also contact Pat Roehl and ask him to broadcast a message asking people to RSVP to Betty W.  It was suggested that if anyone has items to donate for a raffle, we could raise additional funds at the picnic.  Due to the short time frame, we may not get many items.

New Business discussed:

  1. Betty suggested that we have a trash pick-up day to clean up the ranch.  It was agreed that this was a good idea and it will be planned after the picnic.  We still have trash grabbers and maybe vests from the adopt-a-road program.
  2. June reported that she had 12 ranch maps reduced in size and laminated.  The cost was $4.45 each.  We will sell them at the picnic for $10.
  3. We decided that we should consider selling our logo wear, pens, etc. at the 2008 annual meeting.
  4. After the picnic, we will have a “bring a friend” to a Women’s Group meeting to try to increase awareness and participation.
  5. The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, June 22, at 1:00 pm at Barb Wurfel’s house at 33241 Mountain View (C25).