Women's Group
Meeting on 6/22/2008

Present:  Doris Noard, Sue Downs, Sylvia Crisler, Sue Spanner, June Stephens, Mary Ghormley, Barb Wurfel

The meeting was chaired at the home of Barb Wurfel.  Old business discussed:

  1. Doris updated us on the checking account.  The third signer is Sandy Manifold.  Doris has the check book and visited the bank with Betty Withington to update the signatures.  There were problems getting the signature card updated because we do not have an employer ID number , etc.  Alternatives were discussed and June Stephens made a motion that was seconded by Sue Downs that we open an individual account at another bank (International Bank) with Doris, Betty and Sylvia Crisler as signers.
  2. Sue D. updated us on her welcome tote deliveries to three families.  Sylvia will keep a list of everyone who has received a tote.  Doris talked to Nancy Allred about notification of new homes built and the inclusion of the POA welcome packet in the tote.  Nancy no longer tracks when homes are built because it no longer impacts the annual dues.  She recommended that we discuss this with Sheryl Smith in her role as head of Emergency Services Committee.  Barb volunteered to contacr Sheryl.  Nancy also indicated that the POA packet needs to go to new property owners as soon as the purchase is made regardless of whether there is a home on the lot.
  3. Barb gave an update she received from Francie Purswell-Montoya on the logo wear order.  The vendor indicated that most of the items will be ready by July 5 and Francie plans to pick everything up on July 4.  We reviewed each item we will be selling and set the price we should charge.  Any change in pricing will be made if we feel a change is needed once we actually see the item.
  4. Doris gave an update on progress made by the picnic committee.  John Noard has volunteered to pick up the tents from the Austins and make sure they are in working order before the picnic.  The Wurfels and Sue D. have 5 gallon pails we can use to anchor the tents.  Two portable toilets have been rented for $100.  John N. and Jerry Withington volunteered to mow the picnic area.  The Withingtons and the Noards will bring gas grills.  Volunteers to set up on Saturday morning include Harriet Vaugeois, the Wurfels, the Ghormleys, Sue Spanner and John Sanders.  Betty W will get the tables from the guard shack and June has disposable tablecloths.  There are notices of the picnic by the mailboxes and on the bulletin board.  Mary and Doris will make sure there are readable versions posted.  Sue S will order and pick up the buns from Safeway and Doris will go to Sam’s Club for the other items.  Sylvia and Sue D. volunteered to sell the logo wear and laminated maps at the picnic and June volunteered to make a poster listing the items for sale.  June also has a table to display the items.

The next meeting is scheduled for August 9 at 10:00 am at the home of Sue Downs.  June will bring the treats.