Women's Group
Meeting on 8/9/2008

Present:  Doris Noard, Sylvia Crisler, Sue Spanner, June Stephens, Mary Ghormley, Barb Wurfel, Carol Rankin, June Stephens, Barb Krause, Joan Beaumont, Nancy Scott and Sue Downs

The meeting was hosted at the home of Sue Downs.

Old Business

  1. Bank Account:  Our new bank account is with International Bank. Doris Noard (Treasurer), Betty Withington and Sylvia Crisler now are on the checking account and each can sign checks for the Women’s Group, with only one signature required. Any checks written to the Women’s Group should be made out to one of these women.

    Doris reported that we purchased $1,374.00 worth of Logo Wear and Laminated Maps and $10.00 for Welcome Bags. We sold $1,096.00 in Logo Wear and maps at the Picnic and Barb Wurfel has received an additional $40.00 as of today.

    The cost of picnic supplies, food, etc. was $164.00 and the Port a Potties $100.00 (we have not received the bill for them as yet).

  2. Picnic: All agreed the picnic was a great success, it being the first one in several years. Following were comments and suggestions:
    1. Definitely need more people on the committee and people willing to help set up, clean up and take down after the event...
    2. Need to emphasize RSVPing and set a reply date.
    3. It was suggested we do a survey on the web page regarding desired date for the event in the future.
    4. Possibly more activities, i.e. Auction, games, etc.
    5. Try to set sites for canopies closer to the center of activities for more camaraderie.
    6. We could stage a Cook off.
  3. Welcome Bags:  Three bags have been delivered with two more to be taken. We need to keep a look out for new residents. When we see new building going on, we need to let Sylvia and/or Sue know so we can welcome the new residents on the Ranch. Sylvia suggested we also ask about new people through the web site.
  4. Logo Wear:  The logo wear committee consists of Barb Wurfel, June Stephens, Sue Spanner and Sue Downs. The Group authorized the purchase of up to $800.00 in additional logo wear to be available to property owners attending the Annual Meeting on October. Sue Spanner will put a notice on the web site that we have merchandise for sale which can be ordered from Barb Wurfel. June and Sue Downs volunteered to sell logo wear at the Annual Meeting.

New Business

  1. June mentioned that a ranch resident asked about restocking the pond with fish as had been done in the past. It was stated that we are not sure who is responsible now that the Conservancy has taken over that portion of the ranch. Would the POA Board be responsible and what are the environmental ramifications? June will check with Bob Holder for input. Doris will mention it at the next POA Board meeting.

Wonderful HOME BAKED Cinnamon rolls were furnished by June Stephens.

The next meeting will be September 20, 10:00 a.m. at Nancy Scott’s home, 33711 Mountain View.

Submitted by:  Sue Downs