Women's Group
Meeting on 9/20/2008

Present:  Sylvia Crisler, Sue Downs, Barb Krause, Nancy Scott and Barb Wurfel

The meeting was hosted at the home of Sue Downs.

Old Business

  1. Treasury Report: Barb Wurfel reported on information received from Doris Noard as Doris was unable to attend the meeting. Since the last meeting, $100 was paid to Trinidad Plumbing for the port-a-johns used at the picnic and $854.07 for the reorder of logo wear. The balance is $6217.88. The group received acknowledgement from the EMS coalition for the $1867 received for the Michelle Minion scholarship. This is really due to the hard work of Betty Withington and our thanks goes to Betty for doing this.

    There is approximately $380 received from the sale of logo wear that Barb will give to Doris for deposit.

  2. Welcome Bags:  Sue Spanner has written an article for the SFTR website to alert new residents about the availability of the welcome bag. A new e-mail address is being created, , and Sue Downs will be the contact person.
  3. Logo Wear:  The reorder of logo wear has been received. Sue D. will get approval from Bob Scott for the Women’s Group to sell the logo wear before and after the annual POA meeting on October 18.

New Business

  1. A correction was noted to the August 9th minutes. June Stephens had not stated that she would talk to Bob Holder about ramifications and requirements for stocking the pond with fish.
  2. Barb W. was able to locate the Santa Fe Trail anniversary posters that the Women’s Group sold in the past. The group agreed that we should order 10 posters and sell them at $10 a piece. Barb will place the order and have them available for the October POA meeting.
  3. The group mentioned ideas to discuss at upcoming meetings. Nancy S. thought we should check into the availability of recycling. Barb W. suggested that we have a holiday lunch or perhaps a trip to Rosemount in Pueblo for the December meeting. Sue D. has a video on the history of women’s voting rights that we could show at an upcoming meeting.

Wonderful baked goods and fruit salad were furnished by Sue Downs.

The next meeting will be October 25, 10:00 a.m. at Barb Wurfel’s home, 33241 Mountain View.