Women's Group
Meeting on 10/25/2008

Present:  Doris Noard, Sue Spanner, Sylvia Crisler, Carol Rankin, Kim Pronovich, Betty Withington, Carol Rawle, Harriet Vaugeois, Mary Ghormley, Linda Austin, Denisa Derrick, June Stephens and Barb Wurfel

The meeting was chaired at the home of Barb Wurfel.  Prior to opening the meeting, each attendee introduced themselves to the group.

Old Business

  1. Treasury Report:  Doris Noard reported that our current balance is $6503.00 Since the last meeting we have deposited $383 from the sale of logo wear and paid out $97.88 for the purchase of logo wear and Santa Fe Trail posters.  Barb reported that approximately $500 of logo wear, posters and maps were sold at the annual POA meeting.  The money was given to Doris for deposit.
  2. Fish Pond:  Doris reported that she mentioned the stocking of the fish pond at the last POA Board meeting.  Jim Davis suggested that there may be grant money available.  Doris also talked to two people who had been involved when the pond was first stocked.  They indicated that the pond would need extensive dredging and that people were not following the “catch and release” rules.  After discussion, the group felt that it would be worthwhile from an environmental as well as recreational standpoint to get more information about grant availability.  Barb volunteered to contact Jim Davis for any insight he may have.  Carol Rawle mentioned the organization “Greater Outdoor Colorado”.  It was also suggested we contact the Metro District to see if they have an interest in this project.
  3. Welcome Bags:  Sylvia Crisler reported that we received several items from San Isabel Electric to put in our welcome bags.  Sylvia is putting a sign on the bulletin board asking new residents to contact us to receive a bag.  It was noted that two attendees, Kim and Denisa, should receive bags.
  4. Logo Wear:  Barb reported that there have been no sales generated by the material we have posted on the SFTR website.  We should consider offering logo wear at the ranch Christmas party.  Other than special orders, we will not order more logo wear until more of it is sold.

New Business

  1. Coffee mugs:  We had received a suggestion that we should consider selling coffee mugs with the SFTR logo.  The group decided to table the idea at this time.
  2. Christmas Party:  June Stephens asked if the group would help her with the planning of the ranch Christmas Party this year.  It was agreed that we should help and a committee was formed consisting of June, Harriet Vaugeois, Kim Pronovich, Denisa Derrick and Linda Austin.  It was suggested that we check on the availability and cost of having the dinner at Sabrosa (municipal golf course) this year.  Harriet volunteered to contact them.  The committee will get the invitation on the website, secure the restaurant and plan decorations, etc.  It was suggested that we have people bring an ornament to exchange and to bring a toy for donation.
  3. Rosemount Mansion:  The group talked about visiting the mansion in Pueblo during the holidays.  Kim and Betty will get information, pick a date, and put something on the SFTR website to invite anyone who would like to go.
  4. Recycling:  Sylvia reported that a group in Trinidad is working on getting recycling available again.  It was also reported that the new gas co-op that is being created may consider it in the long term.
  5. Video:  The video on the history of women’s voting rights was discussed.  Because the video is two hours long, the group did not want to view it at an upcoming meeting.  Anyone interested in seeing it will contact Sue Downs.
  6. Ranch Clean-up:  Betty reintroduced this topic that was discussed several months ago.  It was suggested that we start working near the mailboxes and move north and south.  We should divide the ranch into small areas so that clean up is not overwhelming.  Kim, Betty and Carol will pick a date.
  7. Future discussion topics:  A craft sale and/or garage sale should be discussed at upcoming meetings.

Wonderful baked goods were furnished by Sue Downs and June Stephens.

The next meeting will be November 29, 10:00 a.m. at Betty Withington’s home, 33441 Mountain View.  Kim volunteered to bring the treats.