Women's Group
Meeting on 11/29/2008

Nov 29, 2008 Womens meeting was hosted at Betty Withington’s home and Kim Pronovich provided some of the refreshments.

The meeting was attended by: Betty, Kim, Carol Rawle, Barb Wurfel, Linda Austin, Sue Downs, June Stephens, Denisa Derrick, Doris Noard and Sue Spanner.

Doris provided the treasurers report. There was a deposit made since the last meeting in the amount of $507.00 These funds were received from sales of logo wear and other misc sales at the annual POA meeting in October. The current balance is $7010.00. No other activity.

Barb Wurfel announced that a spreadsheet has been created as an inventory of the available logo wear. Promoting through the web site is a little slow and it was suggested by Carol that perhaps sales would quicken if we uploaded pictures of the ladies wearing the shirts and such.

There was an informative and lengthy discussion regarding the upper and lower ponds on Gallinas Parkway. A majority of the ladies present discussed the desire and the need for a committee to investigate into the resources needed to preserve the ponds availability for the wild life and fire management. Carol offered the names of Federal and State organizations for funding and property owners names for historical reference. Denisa Derrick volunteered to begin the study of the protection and preservation of the common area. She will begin information gathering and in the future may request to be added as an agenda item at a POA Board meeting to bring solutions to the need. The discussion ended with the agreement that management and preservation is necessary and desirable.

Sue Downs presented reusable Welcome Bags to the newest residents: Denisa Derrick and Kim Pronovich. Inside the bag is a cap, coffee mug, outdoor thermometer, pens, the worlds best pizza cutter, magic grip jar opener, set of dice, map of the ranch, a map of the original San Fe Trail, note pad from Trinidad State College, a phone book, a welcome booklet with poems and drawings by Sylvia Crisler, a coin purse, night light, brochures of Trinidad, local interests, and Trinidad State College, guest pass to Pro-Rehab and Fitness Center and additional brochures for community education, Southern Colorado Repertory Theatre, Noah's Ark and the State forest service.

I thought you'd all like to know what is in the bag so we can appreciate the efforts of those filling and distributing the Welcome Bag.

The Christmas Party is scheduled for Saturday December 6 6 p.m at .Sabrosa's-------------------. June reports that there are 24 people attending the party this year. Betty suggested that next year’s party be held on a week night so as not to conflict with business, family or private parties. It was agreed that a mid week party is a good opportunity for more people to attend. For this year’s party, each attendee is asked to bring a Christmas ornament for a table decoration and for exchange. June also reported that she is unable to organize a Valentines Party in Feb 2009 as she and her valentine will be attending classes in Albuquerque.

Kim gave a report on The Rosemount Mansion in Pueblo. The group checked their calendars and voted to go onSaturday, December 20th .We will take a self-guideded tour of the museum and have lunch at the Carriage House. We agreed to meet at the mailboxes at 8am and caravan out to Pueblo. As we have a group of 10 or more attending, the discounted fee for the tour is $4.50. Reservations (tentative 15) have been made for lunch and the lunch menu is current on their website. www.rosemount.org. The women agreed that we would like to extend the invitation to tour and fellowship with all the property owners. We will post the invitation on the web site.

Betty has recommended that we table a ranch clean up until warmer weather. It was agreed by all.

-----------Joyce Wolff sent the womens group an idea for the Santa Fe Trail Ranch logo on Christmas tree ornaments. It was thought to be a little too late to initiate that for this season but will be looked into as a future fund raiser.

The meeting concluded with Sue Downs volunteering to host the next meeting at her home and Denisa volunteered to bring the refreshments. The meeting will be January 10, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.

Submitted by Kim Pronovich.