Women's Group
Meeting on 1/10/2009

The meeting was held at Sue Downs’ house.  Those attending were: Frances Purswell-Montoya, Barbara Krause, Harriet Vaugeois, June Stephens, Nancy Scott, Doris Noard, Robbie Colander, Sylvia Crisler, Mary Ghormley, Joan Beaumont, Barb Wurfel and Sue Downs.

Doris reported there has been no financial activity.  Our checking account balance is $7,010.00.  Barb said we have made back our initial investment on Logo Wear and a little more.

Sylvia reported that the Welcome Bags are being updated at this time.  We still have four bags.  If you know of any new residents in the Ranch please let Sue or Sylvia know.

General discussion followed:

Doris said Kim Pronovich and she are going to be involved in Yoga Day USA, January 24.  They would love for all who can to attend.  (See flyer attached)

Barb Wurfel mentioned our trip to Rosemount Mansion in Pueblo.  All who attended agreed it was a wonderful trip.

June thanked Denisa, Kim, Harriet and all others who assisted with the Christmas Dinner at Sabrosas.  All who attended felt the food and service was excellent.  Having to share the room was unfortunate.  Thanks to June and Tom for again hosting this dinner.

June and Tom have always been so gracious in hosting special dinners for the Ranch Residents.  At this time, however, June is facing knee surgery in March and she and Tom have to be in Albuquerque in February for orientation and have asked for the Women’s group to assist with the Valentine’s Dinner.  Our group was in agreement to help.

It was decided to have the dinner on February 21 at Sabrosas, Trinidad Golf Course, with basically the same menu as the Christmas Dinner.  The cost again would be $24.95, including tax and tip.  June will put the announcement on the web site, with the cut off date of February 13.  Barb Wurfel will be the contact person for reservations.  Chris at the restaurant must be given the final count by February 16.  June will coordinate the event with Sabrosas.

Harriet was asked about SCRT.  She gave a brief summation of last season’s successes and on the up coming 2009 theatre season.

Doris was asked about Noah’s Arc’s Peacock Ball.  She stated it will be March 14th at the Lucky Monkey.  She was asked to check the price of a Corporate Table and she reported back this week that a Corporate table for 4 would be $300, for 6 would be $400, for 8 would be $500, which would have to be approved by the group.  Individual tickets are $35.

Frances and Doris talked about the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.  Many volunteers are needed to work on the annual dinner to be held June 6th.  The next foundation meeting will be January 22 at 6:30 p.m. at the Isaac Walton Hall on Santa Fe Trail Drive.  All are welcome.

The next meeting will be March 7th, 10:00 a.m. at Francie Purswell-Montoya’s home, 33088 Elk Park Road.  Mary volunteered to bring the treats.  There will be a short business meeting, followed by fun and fellowship.