Women's Group
Meeting on 3/7/2009

Present:  Francie Purswell-Montoya, Sue Downs, Barb Wurfel, Ronda Reveles, Joan Beaumont, Doris Noard, Mary Ghormley, Sue Spanner, Nancy Scott, Linda Austin and Barbara Krause

The meeting was chaired at the home of Francie Purswell-Montoya.  Prior to opening the meeting, each attendee introduced themselves to Ronda.

Old Business:

  1. Treasury Report:  Doris Noard reported that our current balance is $7010.  June Stephens submitted expenses from the February ranch dinner and they were approved for reimbursement.
  2. Summer Picnic:  A discussion about the summer picnic determined that we should ask for volunteers outside of the group to help set up for the picnic as well as cook and clean up.  Our experience from last year’s event indicated that more help was needed.  The date of July 11 was tentatively selected.  Sue Spanner volunteered to send information to the webmaster asking him to post the tentative date and asking for volunteers.  If a positive response is received we will more forward with the planning.
  3. Logo Wear:  Barb gave a report summarizing our current inventory of logo wear.  We are not getting requests from the posting on the website and the picnic and annual meeting seem to be our best source of sales.  If it is determined that we will sponsor the picnic, the logo wear committee will place an order with the vendor in time to have a good representative sample at the picnic.  Special orders for items not in inventory can be taken at the picnic.  Barb did receive a request for laminated maps which we no longer have in stock.  It was determined that we should purchase some of the larger maps from the POA Board and have them laminated.  We will get 10 of them.

New Business:

  1. Donation to the Jim Casius Fund:  It was suggested that we make a donation to the Jim Casius Fund as he was very instrumental to the ranch when it was first developed.  A discussion about our ability to make donations and our mission statement ensued.  A motion was made to make a $100 donation.  Motion passed.
  2. SCRT Donation:  A suggestion was made that we should help SCRT with a donation since Harriet and Fred Vaugeois have played an important role on the ranch.  A motion was made to make an anonymous $250 donation to SCRT.  The motion passed.  The check payable to SCRT will be given to Harriet with a request that it be shown as anonymous in any publications.
  3. Can Good Donations:  We discussed if we should bring can goods to the meetings for distribution to the Hunger Kitchen or other food banks in Trinidad.  It was determined that this is best handled by individuals making food or monetary donations to the charities of their choice.
  4. June Stephens:  Linda Austin reported that Tom Stephens will keep her updated on June’s surgery.  Linda will keep everyone informed through the discussion forum.  Linda will ask Tom if they would like any help with food preparation or other needs during June’s recovery.
  5. NRA Whittington Center:  Doris announced that there may be a one day Women’s Firearm Safety Course.  Watch for details.

Wonderful baked goods were furnished by Mary Ghormley.

The next meeting will be April 18, 10:00 a.m. at Joan Beaumont’s home, 33171 Fisher Peak Pkwy (lot F22).  Sue Downs volunteered to bring the treats.