Women's Group Meeting
July 11, 2009

Present:  Doris Noard, Betty Withington, June Stephens, Sylvia Crisler, Nancy Scott, Carol Rankin, Sue Downs, Barbara Krause, Francie Purswell-Montoya, Joan Beaumont, and Barb Wurfel

The meeting was hosted at the home of Nancy Scott. Joan Beaumont provided the wonderful treats.

Business Discussed

  1. The group would like to arrange a Christmas dinner since there will not be a summer picnic. We talked about various locations and a committee consisting of Nancy Scott, Francie Purswell-Montoya and Carol Rankin was formed. They will contact Holiday Inn, Tequila’s, Aultman Hall, LaQuinta, TSJC, and El Rancho to see what is available and report at the next meeting. The tentative date is Sunday, December 6.
  2. Betty brought everyone up to date on the discussions regarding a community center. The group thought we should consider raising funds for the center if the project moves forward.
  3. We still have logowear, Santa Fe Trail posters and laminated maps to sell. We will plan to sell them at the annual POA meeting on October 17 and at the Christmas dinner. If anyone is interested in purchasing logowear that is no longer in stock, we can contact the vendor on availability of a special order. The maps are larger than the last batch we sold. Laminating expense is higher and we will charge $15 per map.
  4. The idea of having a litter clean-up day on the ranch was again discussed. It was thought that springtime is the best time of year to do this when it is cooler and there are not tall weeds. We would have a bbq after the work was done.
  5. Sylvia announced that she is now able to get free bags from Humana to use for our welcome bags.

The next meeting will be at 10 am on August 8 at the home of Barb Wurfel, 33241 Mountain View.