Women's Group Meeting
August 8, 2009

The meeting was hosted at Barb Wurfel’s home and Sue Downs brought the baked goods.

In attendance were: Joan Beaumont, June Stephens, Doris Noard, Barb Krause, Francie Pursewell-Montoya, Carol Rankin, Sylvia Crisler, Kim Pronovich, Sue Downs and Barb Wurfel.

The meeting began with reports from Francie, Kim, Carol and Barb about the venues that were checked to host this year’s Santa Fe Trail Ranch Christmas party.  After the reports and discussion, a vote was taken and the group voted to hold the dinner party at Tequila’s on Sunday December 6, 2009.  Tequila’s is offering a private room for our use and has given permission for us to bring in a DJ.  Discussion followed whether we prefer a buffet style dinner, an order off the menu option or just appetizers and drinks.  Francie is going to check with Tequila’s management to find out what options the restaurant can offer.  Barb W. volunteered to check around for local DJ's availability and fees.  There was also discussion about a theme to the party/perhaps a south of the border theme.

Discussion then moved to logo wear, posters, and laminated maps.  The group decided to set up displays of caps, shirts, Santa Fe Trail anniversary posters and the maps at the annual meeting and at the Christmas Dinner party for sales.  It was agreed that Barb would order a dozen new SFTR logo caps, Sue will check with Nancy about getting maps to laminate and Barb is going to try to purchase the Anniversary posters.  June will get some regular Santa Fe Trail posters from Capulin to sell.  We agreed that before each event we will remind our neighbors to bring their checkbooks.

Sue Downs is preparing an order for fleece vests with the SFTR logo on one side of the vest and embroidered names on the other side.  An e-mail will be sent letting the Women’s Group know more information about the vests and asking if there are more orders.  The order will be placed with the caps.

Discussion moved to the Annual Meeting, October 17, 2009 and the Womens Group offering to provide coffee and cookies.  Kim volunteered to bake some goodies and Doris volunteered to check with TSJC to be certain we could bring in the coffee and cookies.

Discussion moved to SFTR Women’s Cook Book, “You've Come a Long Way”.  June suggested that as the cookbooks are all sold out, an additional order is necessary, maybe with some new recipes included as there are several new families since the first printing.  June then told us of the great success Mayra Gonzales is having using the recipes in a restaurant where she is the pastry chef.  The customers particularly like Mary Jo Shelton's Peaches and Cream recipe on page 114 and Flora Martinez Ice Cream Crunch Dessert on page 119.  We wondered if the restaurant, “Babaloos Cuban Cafe“ in Phoenix, AZ, would like to sell our cookbooks with the yummy recipes.  Francie volunteered to contact George and Mayra.

Brief discussion ensued on new families moving onto the ranch and not having received a Welcome Bag.  Kim is going to offer a new family's name to Sue and Sylvia for bag distribution.

The meeting closed with Francie offering to host the next meeting September 12 at her home and she will provide the refreshments.

Minutes submitted by Kim Pronovich.