Women's Group Meeting
September 12, 2009

Present:  Sue Downs, Sheila Chatelain, Doris Noard, Carol Rankin, Betty Withington, Francie Purswell-Montoya, Mary Ghormley, Barb Wurfel

The meeting was hosted at the home of Francie Purswell-Montoya who also graciously provided the baked goods.

Business Discussed:

  1. We discussed plans for the Christmas Dinner. Tequila’s is willing to provide us with the private use of their back room. They will also let us order off of the menu and provide separate checks. The cocktail hour will be from 6:00 to 7:00 with dinner to follow. We are still getting quotes for DJs. Barb has left a message for Noby Gomez and Doris mentioned that there is an ad in the local paper for another DJ so that we can get a second quote.
  2. June Stephens is at home recuperating from her surgery. She asked Francie to share her thoughts on coffee and cookies for the POA annual meeting and distribution of a flyer for the Christmas dinner. She also purchased 10 Santa Fe Trail posters for the group to sell. Her thoughts were considered in the discussion of these items that follow below in the minutes.
  3. We decided to sell the laminated maps, Santa Fe Trail poster and the Santa Fe Trail Anniversary poster for $15 each. The motion was made by Mary and seconded by Barb. We only have a few anniversary posters left and they are no longer available. Francie is going to find out if the regular posters and be copied or if they protected.
  4. We discussed the group providing coffee and cookies for the POA annual meeting. We are required to purchase these from the college. We decided to provide 5 gallons of coffee (Starbucks) and 10 dozen cookies. We will put a donation jar out to help defray the cost. The cost will be approximately $170. Carol made the motion to approve and it was seconded by Mary.
  5. Volunteers are needed to distribute the coffee and cookies as well as sell the logo wear at the POA meeting. Everyone was asked to please consider volunteering and we will finalize the list at the next meeting. Doris will have the room set up so that the food table is right next to the logo wear table. Barb reported that the logo wear ordered will be here prior to the meeting.
  6. Mary volunteered to create the Christmas dinner flyer for distribution at the annual POA meeting. She will have a mock-up available at the next meeting. We will then finalize with DJ info, etc.
  7. Barb suggested that we do a ranch tour as a future meeting since many of us have not driven the entire ranch. Francie suggested that we could provide history and other interesting pieces of information at various stops. We could plan stops at some homes for restroom breaks, refreshments, etc. This was thought to be a good idea and will be discussed at a future meeting.

The next meeting will be on October 3 at 10:00 at Barb Wurfel’s home. Betty Withington will bring refreshments.