Women's Group Meeting
October 3, 2009

Our meeting was hosted at Barb Wurfel’s home, she and Sue Downs provided the tasty treats.  Those enjoying the treats were Michelle Blake, Betty Ruward, Mary Ghromley, Nancy Scott, Carol Rankin, Joan Beaumont, Sue Downs, Sylvia Crisler and Kim Pronovich.

Our first agenda item was finalizing the Christmas Dinner Party, scheduled for Sunday, December 6, 2009 at Tequilas.  Cocktails are set for 6-7 pm and the restaurant will take each person’s dinner order.  Kim and Sue Downs have offered to be the decorating chairs and will first inquire with Tequilas as to their own Christmas decorations vs. our need to purchase the decorations.  They also agreed that they will be responsible for bringing the name tags for each person to wear.  We also discussed asking June Stephens to be our Mistress of Ceremonies for the event.  We voted not to have a gift or ornament exchange this year.  The group is going to place the invitation on the website and have it sitting out at the Annual POA meeting this month.  The invitation is open to any resident and their guests, therefore we are including a “how many” on the invitation.  Barb and Mary agreed to be the contact people for the RSVPs, with a deadline date of Nov 30th.  Mary volunteered to send the information to the Webmaster to get the invitation posted on the website.  Barb reported that she spoke with two different DJ's.  The group then discussed the need for a DJ and it was decided that a DJ for our dinner party was not necessary.  Instead, Barb offered the services of her husband, Dave a former DJ.  Dave can create a play list for an MP3 player and we can use that, except we need a set of speakers for the room.  It was suggested that we put our need up on the SFTR website and see who on the ranch can offer that.  We are going to set up a table at the restaurant with logo wear and offer sales of the items.  We are also going to have a silent auction on an anniversary Poster of the SFT.  We are going to display a framed poster of Sue Downs at the annual meeting so residents can take a look at one.  Kim, Sue and Barb offered to go to Pueblo to have one of the two remaining posters framed for the auction.  We will set a beginning auction price based on the cost of the framing.  The group agreed that if the cost could not be met at this event, we will simply keep the poster and hold it until another opportunity presents itself for an auction.  The group then decided to print 80 invitations for our dinner party and have them out at the POA meeting.  We will also post the invitation on the bulletin board by the mailboxes.

Second agenda item was the annual POA meeting, Board meeting and Fire Mitigation tour, Saturday October 17, 209 at 9am at TSJC, Sullivan Room.

We have placed an order with TSJC to sell us 5 gallons of coffee and 10 dozen cookies for our event.  We agreed that if the coffee ran out, we would order one gallon at a time from the cafeteria.  The cafeteria will provide water and glasses that day.  We agreed to ask for donations for the coffee and cookies by having a cookie jar sitting out stating such.  Kim thought it might be nice to have a stagecoach cookie jar and Sue thought maybe Joyce Wolff may have not a cookie jar but a display stagecoach and offered to inquire with her.  Michelle offered to create a new poster with the logo wear products and prices as we will be selling them at the meeting.  We will be taking turns hostessing the two tables that day.  One table for the coffee and cookies and one table for logo wear.  It was suggested that the logo wear table have three people if possible and the coffee hostess one person...so here is the schedule for the day.

Initial set up at 8am Barb and Kim.  Kim will hostess the coffee table before the meeting and Barb, Sue and Francie will hostess the logo wear sales.  Between the POA meeting and Board meeting Mary will hostess the coffee and Carol Rankin, Sylvia and Michelle will hostess the logo wear.  Between the Board meeting and the fire mitigation tour, Joan will hostess the coffee and Sue and Barb the logo wear.  It has been asked that each person on our committee wear their own logo wear to promote sales.  Sue Downs made a personal order of fleece vests with our logo and it was agreed that we would try to sell them at the meeting.  If they did sell for $25, Sue would replace hers and if more people were interested in the vests we would include them in the order as well.  The vests, however were not going to become part of the logo wear inventory as yet.

New Business: We talked a bit about strangers driving around the ranch and a couple of ladies offered stories of watching then and speaking to them.  A very brief discussion of the Welcome packages was the end of a perfectly delightful meeting.

Kim Pronovich has offered to hostess the next Women’s Group meeting, Saturday, November, 14 at 10am.  Michelle offered to bring the edibles.