Women's Group Meeting
November 14, 2009

Date: November 14, 2009

Location: Kim Pronovich’s home, 33511 Mountain View Rd

Present: Barb Wurfel, Betty Withington, Sue Downs, Nancy Scott, Sylvia Crisler, Carol Rankin, Susan Young, Linda Austin, Joan Beaumont, Mary Ghormley, Frances Purswell-Montoya, Deb Roberts, Kim Pronovich, and Michelle Blake.

Annual Meeting/ Logo Wear

Annual meeting was a success.  We had $1246.00 in logo wear sales and $46.00 in coffee/cookie donations.  Total deposit of $1292.00.  The final balance is $7307.90.

Logo wear requests: Men’s collared shirts (style that can be worn on a golf course).

At the Christmas Dinner we can sell our remaining inventory, take orders, and then decide if we want to expand our inventory.  We have our logo wear inventory listed in the What’s New section on the SFTR website as well as links in the Women’s Group section and the Bulletin Board.  Our mission statement was also added to the Women’s Group section.

Secret Balloting for POA board election

A summary of the discussion at the POA annual meeting was given.  It was stated that the POA Board has discussed this topic in the past.

SFTR Annual Picnic

Topic for next meeting, will we have an annual picnic next year? There were numerous requests for the picnic, and folks were disappointed that one wasn’t held.  If we decide to have a 2010 Picnic we will need new, committed volunteers, so the same people aren’t always the ones doing all the work.  If it is announced very far ahead of time, folks will be able to plan their vacations around the date.  We should consider ways to keep the cows out prior to the picnic, unless people want to throw red white and blue cow pies.  Second Saturday in July (7/10/2010) would be an ideal date.  There is a check list that was used in the past to help prepare for the picnic.  We need to locate this list.

Christmas Party Update (12/6/09 at Tequila’s)

New Business

June Stephens: June could not attend this meeting, but sent an email informing that her Guild will be having an annual Christmas Bazaar at the Presbyterian Church in Raton on Rio Grande and 3d Street today.  She will have 2 tables of items for sale, until 2pm.  Three quilts will also be raffled.  June also thanked all of those that volunteered to sell logo wear and serve coffee at the POA annual meeting.

Mary Ghormley: November 15th, 2009 at 10:00 am at Heart of Trinidad Fellowship Church, on Main Street in Trinidad.  Volunteers will be assembling Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

Mary Ghormley: The Metro Board has announced that there are two openings on the board.  This Monday, November 16th 2009, at 9:00 am there will be a meeting at the Century Financial Solutions building to fill those vacant positions.  If you are a member of the Metro District you are able to attend.

SFTR Ponds

Frances Purswell-Montoya: Francie attended a conservation course at TSJC.  She learned that the SFTR ponds need to stay in the condition they were originally in, prior to the formation of SFTR.  The ponds were dredged several years ago and it was expensive.  According to the conservation regulations, the cattails need to be removed and the ponds restored.  The conservation staff will check the ponds every five years, and if the ponds have not been maintained, SFTR will be fined.

Next Meeting

January 16, 2010, at 10:00 am, at Betty Withington’s home (unless addition is not completed) at 33441 Mountain View (Lot B36).  Mary and Joan will bring the refreshments.

Minutes submitted by Michelle Blake.