Women's Group Meeting
January 16, 2010

Location: Frances Purswell-Montoya’s home

Present:  Sharon Beaver, Barbara Krause, Frances Purswell-Montoya, Janice Hines, Sylvia Crisler, Betty Withington, Kim Pronovich, Susan Coopet, Joan Beaumont, Nancy Scott, Michelle Blake, Mary Ghormley, June Stephens, Doris Noard.

What did we learn from the ranch Christmas Dinner at Tequila’s? Fantastic, great, bigger location, order off menu was good, room for dancing.  Music going on with conversations was competing.  Music was shut off so people could talk.  Line dancing was available if people wanted to participate.  Food service staff did a good job with 63 people in attendance.  Women’s Group bought dessert for everyone.  Tequila’s will be considered for future events.  Party photos could be put on the ranch web site and used for promoting next year’s Christmas Dinner.  Kim will assist June with photos.

Valentine Dinner was discussed, but all felt it was too close to Christmas Holidays.  Have an event later in spring.

Summer Picnic: Date set for 7/10/2010.  Monty Beaver and Mike Carter could be asked regarding cooking at a picnic.  Sharon B. will help with food.  Need menu & volunteers.  Discussed tables.  Those volunteering to assist with picnic: Susan & Rob, Kim & Mark, Mary & RC, Betty & Jerry, Michelle & Kevin.  Francie will be in charge of Sanitation and check into porta potties.

Logo wear – Question whether we need to place another order.  Requests for polo shirts with collar, hats, as well as other merchandise such as pen & pencil set, mugs, Tervis Tumbler.com, blanket or throw, umbrella.  There are a lot of pocket T shirts left over and may have to reduce price on those.  Need a list of current inventory and will look at what to order at next meeting.

Discussed request for donation to Noah’s Ark for the March 13 Peacock Ball Fundraiser.  The Women’s Group will not make a donation; those who want to donate can do so an individual.  Those in attendance put in $16 for the Ark; June Stevens asked that her $12 reimbursement for the Christmas Party photos be directed to the Ark.

Sylvia reminded everyone to let her or Sue Downs know when there are new residents living on the ranch.  Welcome Kits are delivered to new residents from the Women’s Group.

Next meeting will be February 20 at the home of Barbara Krause, 33127 Elk Park Rd (lot 81) at 10:00 am.

Minutes by Doris Noard