Women's Group Meeting
February 20, 2010

Location: The meeting was hosted at the home of Barbara Krause.  Barb and Francie provided refreshments.

Present:  Barbara Krause, Francie Purswell-Montoya, Joan Beaumont, June Stephens, Kim Pronovich, Mary Ghormley, Carol Rankin, Lynne Parker, Sue Downs.

Both Francie and June received phone calls from Julene Gyde, thanking the Women's Group for the $1,000.00 to assist them so soon after their house fire.

Mary read e-mails from Doris Noard and Betty Withington regarding Doris's resignation as Treasurer and Betty's and Sylvia's resignation as check signers for the Women's Group's checking account and closing of the bank account.

Kim brought all the Treasurer's records and check book from Doris to the meeting.

Mary said she felt we needed to reevaluate our policies regarding donations from the Women's Group.  Kim suggested we draw up new guidelines now to be followed from today forward.  They are as follows:

  1. The Santa Fe Trail Women's Group will not give donations to organizations or events outside of Santa Fe Trail Ranch.
  2. If a sudden lost of a primary residence renders a family destitute, we will immediately give an initial $500.00 donation to them and if more is needed, an emergency meeting will be held with the majority ruling.
  3. We will continue to support our decisions made at the March 22, 2008 meeting stating "There was agreement and support of a community center." and to "set a side $600.00 for funeral expenses.  The amount allotted for a funeral luncheon would be $200.00."

A vote on the above three statements was taken by the ladies at this meeting and was unanimously in favor of all three.

Barbara Krause has agreed to serve as Treasurer and Lynne Parker has agreed to serve as Assistant Treasure for the Women's Group.

Santa Fe Trail Ranch Women's Group wishes to thank Doris, Betty and Sylvia for their services in their positions and look forward to their continued participation in the Women's Group.  It is our sincere desire that the women on the Ranch remain united.

It was decided the Logo Wear and Picnic would be discussed at next month's meeting.  In the mean time, June and Kim will check on the condition of the tables stored at the Guard Shack.

The next meeting will be at 10:00 am, March 20 at the home of June Stephens, 33028 Cedar Way, Lot #52, phone #845-8111, with Kim providing refreshments.

Minutes submitted by Sue Downs