Women's Group Meeting
April 10, 2010

In attendance were: Sue Downs, Sharon Beaver, June Stephens, Joan Beaumont, Mary Ghormley, Barb Krause, Frances Purswell-Montoya and Kim Pronovich who was our hostess.

Francie started the meeting with a save the date fund raising postcard from Angel Eyes (formerly The Colorado SIDS Program). For more information about Angel Eyes, please visit their website: www.angeleyes.org.

Francie then read a thank you note from Pam Russell, Rich and Patty Kinder thanking our Ranch Family for their support during Pam and Patty’s mother’s passing.

June Stevens read a letter received from Julene Gyde updating the group about her move to California.

The group spent a lot of time discussing and planning our Ranch Picnic this year. The date is Saturday, July 10, 2010 starting about 11 am.

Here is a listing of current chairs/responsibilities:

Picnic Area Prep 4 days prior to the event:

Kim, Michelle Blake, Sue Downs, Deb Roberts. It was agreed that 4 days prior to the picnic a group of us should mow and spray (to deter bugs) the area. We also agreed that we would use earth friendly spray paint to mark out where we would like folks to park, where we would like the food tables etc to be. Sue Downs volunteered to head the spray paint effort.

We are in need of several people to help on the picnic area set-up. We need people to lift, move and set up tables, tents, grills.

Francie is our entertainment chair: It was discussed and voted unanimously that the Women’s Group would like to sponsor entertainment that day, so we are hiring Will Dudley to play his acoustic guitar for us. His fee is $150 + meals. Francie is also our porta-potty chair person this year and is working out those details for us. She will be at the next meeting with costs and criteria for that well needed luxury. Francie also volunteered to bring her coolers to the picnic for water.

Food Set Up Crew: Lynn Parker and June Stephens

Cooks: Mike Carter and Monte Beaver. I think Sharon said she will look into the grill we are going to use.

Mary volunteered to bring sunscreen for the group, a Donation Jar (meat reimbursement), name tags and a create a poster for the website for our picnic.

This year we agreed to ask each person coming to the picnic to bring their own table setting , silverware, drinks, seats and tents (if you have one. We will provide table settings and such for our out-of-towners who are coming to the picnic, all of whom we would like to have here to get to meet and greet.

We are asking each family to bring one or two dishes either a side dish or dessert or both, except our out-of-towners.

June and Tom Stephens are donating two 50 lb. barrels to the group for use as trash cans whenever the ranch needs them. June announced the Raton Health Fair April 22 9-4 at the Convention Center and Kim announced the Trinidad Health Fair at San Raphael Hospital April 24, 8-12.

Sharon Beaver offered to host our next meeting May 1, 2010 10 am. If you are traveling west on Cottonwood Canyon, go over Mountain View "over the hump and down to the end". Lot B3.

As if that were not enough, the meeting moved to discussing logo wear. This was done with Francie, Kim, June, Barb, Sharon and Mary. We reviewed past sales and agreed on former and new products that needed to be ordered. We all went through the catalog and agreed on sizes, styles and colors. We are submitting a large order and are looking forward to our new products and hot sales at the annual picnic.