Women's Group Meeting
June 12, 2010

Women’s Meeting Saturday, June 12, 2010 at Sue Downs home. Sharon Beaver provided our yummy cookies and snack crackers.

In attendance were: Lynne Parker, June Stephens, Sharon Beaver, Barb Krause, Mary Ghormley, Francie Purswell-Montoya, Kim Pronovich, and Barb Wurfel and of course, our hostess, Sue Downs

We began our meeting with a discussion of our Ranch logo wear. It was decided that we would have a markdown on the pigment dyed and pocket tee shirts. The regular sale price is $14.00, the group decided we would sell them for $12.00 at this year’s annual picnic. We also took a moment to review the goal of logo wear sales. The goal is to raise money for the needs determined by the members of the Women’s Group.

Barb W began the discussion of the most recent logo wear order placed by the group. We discussed the mark up of each item based on its cost to us. Kim made a suggestion that going forward, we mark the sale price up 25 % (to the nearest dollar) of the cost to us thereby reducing the amount of time spent on the discussion of the prices.

Discussion moved to the need of additional ranch maps. Sue D has ordered 10 unlaminated maps and 10 laminated maps. She will check with the printer on the cost and we can determine the selling price.

We talked about the great job Michelle Blake did making our current pricing poster. We noted that it is necessary to ask her to create another one based on price changes in logo wear as well as new items. We also wondered if Michelle could make up another “Donations Appreciated” sign for the events the Women’s Group sponsors. Barb said she sent an email asking Michelle to do this. Mary volunteered to take the posters to Michelle to update.

We also spent a moment talking about getting the SFTR website updated with our new products and prices. Sue Spanner had volunteered to work with Barb to get this done. Thank you Sue S.

Francie came into the meeting after her attendance at the POA meeting. She reported on the agenda of that meeting. Please go to the SFTR website to read those minutes.

She also reported that the porta potties for the picnic are $75 each. We have been receiving positive responses on the need for help in the setting up and taking down at the picnic site. Bob Krause volunteered to mow the picnic area before the day of the picnic. Chuck and Linda Austin will assist with the tents going up. Sharon is heading up the food service. Kim is heading up the pre clean event. Sue Downs will be purchasing spray paint to use as an indicator for parking, tent placements etc.

Barb W will act as logo wear chair.

Kim will host the next meeting Saturday Aug 14, 10am. Mary and Lynne offered to bring the refreshments. If it has been a while since you lasted attended the Women’s Meeting, please know that we miss you and welcome you.

Minutes submitted by Kim Pronovich.