Fire Department Auxiliary Unleashes
Secret Weapon On Unsuspecting Diners!!!

By Mary Jo (Mojo) Shelton
Photos by Walt Wolff

The Dissociated Press

Trinidad, CO……………The Fisher's Peak Fire Protection District Auxiliary unwittingly revealed to the public a spaghetti sauce that will soon be legendary.  Spaghetti aficionados from every corner of Trinidad gave two thumbs up to Bob "Vito" Santoro's non-yarking meat sauce at the First Annual FPFPD Auxiliary Spaghetti Dinner held at the El Rancho, on August 4, 2002.  The most notable difference in Bob's sauce was the distinct lack of post gustatory phloffing.  When asked, by this reporter, for the recipe for this superb non-acidic sauce, Bob gave me a toothy smile and said, "No."

Here are some of the comments by lucky participants:

"This is the best spaghetti sauce in the world."  Carolyn Santoro
"This is the only spaghetti sauce that doesn't give Gene indigestion." Sue Downs
"Can I have seconds now? You just don't know who you are talking to!"  Art Trujillo
"Maybe we can tickle the recipe out of him."  Anonymous

Rich "Coochie-coo" Babnick
Bob was all business and kept his cool under severe and unrelenting pressure from the throngs of hungry gastronomers.
Even with all the pressure he managed a cheerful smile to noodle server, Mary Jo Shelton, who continued to say over and over and over again, "Cheesebuggah, cheesebuggah, cheesebuggah, Pepsi, cheeps!"

Bob was assisted in the kitchen by Gene Downs, Rich Babnick, Ed Hockett, Brett Bolton and Paul Montoya.

Gene Downs armed with a plastic knife
Bob using ventriloquism to tell Francie that they are out of lettuce and she thinks he is kidding

This was also an occasion for celebration among the ranks of the Fisher's Peak Fire Fighters!  Captain Rich Babnick was promoted to Assistant Chief and Paul Montoya was promoted to Captain.

"Take One"
"Take Two"
"Take Three"
With great pleasure, I would like to present to you (l-r) Assistant Chief Rick Babnick, Chief Buddie Curro, Captain Paul Montoya

All kidding aside, the spaghetti was absolutely wonderful and our collective hats go off to Chef Santoro for all his efforts and culinary talents.  And, on behalf of Chief Curro and all the fire fighters, we would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to our Auxiliary and all the good people in our community who helped make this fine event a rousing success.  433 adults and 33 children were served and profits of $2000.30 were realized.  Without our auxiliary we wouldn't be where we are today, functioning as a good, loving family of volunteer fire fighters!!!

Soon you will be getting your annual letter of request for donations to YOUR fire department.  The harsh reality of all this is that we made $2000 dollars last weekend but a complete set of bunker gear for ONE structure fire fighter is $5600+ dollars.  Remember what Smokey Bear says, "Keep our Fire Fighter Safe."  OK, so that's not what he said, but remember us this year…especially in your prayers.  Thanks.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Jo Shelton

Enjoy the following photos of our "family" having a great time:

Betty Withington, Jan Ferraro and Sue Downs looking nervously to the kitchen for more food to serve
Chief Buddie Curro and Brandon Barry announcing door prize winners
Bob Santoro and Gene Downs communing in the kitchen
Zoe and Pete Champaign selling tickets at the door
Carolyn Santoro, Betty Withington, Jan Ferraro and Sue Downs in "protective gear"
Mike Shelton & Chuckie Austin (the clean up boys) join Paul Montoya for a quick photo
Jerry Withington was a "walk-on" table wiping volunteer
Paul Montoya tantalizes Francie Purswell-Montoya and Mary Jo Shelton with his dinner.  "When do we get some?"
Dennis Scott also part of the clean up crew
New property owner Monica Lesch with Carol "I am a dainty eater" Rawle join Flora Martinez and her family for the feast
Gale Pettee and Will Potter give out door prizes to 80 lucky winners
Nancy Scott enjoys time with her neighbor, Anne Scott (no relation)