A Bear of a Summer Ahead

This is an informal article that Morgan Chai wrote that's been making the rounds on the ranch. This indicates that folks think highly enough of it to wish to share it.

This bear of which she speaks has been giving me a lot of grief also. This guy is an excellent tree climber for his huge size, and NO bird feeder, no matter how high it's installed, is safe from this determined bear.

Carol Rawle

I just spent two hours with Bob Holder, Division of Wildlife, and I just thought I'd pass along some info.

DOW can no longer reimburse anyone for damage caused by wildlife, i.e. bears. The CO state legislature passed that law.

Bears are really bad news already this year. In fact, anyone having a bird feeder, in town, will be fined! It's a bear attractor. DOW cannot keep up with all the problems but they are trying. Bob puts in over 400 hours per month, for example.

Also, if anyone has talked to any other DOW officer and feels that they have not received the help they are in need of, Bob says to please call him personally, day or night, office or home. His office number is.....a mobile phone at 680-1410, and his home phone is 846-4834. This year will be a real bear!!!!!! as far as bears are concerned. Most of the small springs on SFTR are dried up so the critters are also searching for water, along with food.

Since we've been up here for so long... meaning that people have been on the ranch for 7 or so years, the wildlife have become comfortable with us and in that comfort zone have become fearless! Comfort is sort of okay, but fearless....well I'm sure you can figure that one out.

I suggested that Bob and someone from the POA board or their nominee, chat a bit so a newsy little blurb could be put on the web site. He's agreeable, but has limited time, but it could be done via phone also. Bob still gives out rubber 12 gauge shotgun rounds (bullets) if anyone needs them. All they have to do is sign for them. They have a very tiny kick, it's not like shooting a regular shotgun round, and you have to be within 25 feet of the bear's fanny to be effective (you don't want to shoot his face of course).

I have a big old boy (his back come to my waist) who's stalking my place after dark, and Bob thinks he's looking for a sweet young thing to court. Sure, it sounds cute, but it's scaring the hell out of me, and my dogs are barky all night. They are indoor dogs, thank heavens, but they get so stirred up. Every time I look out, there's big old Bubba Bear strategically positioned around my place. Bob really checked out my place this evening and says it's really critter proofed and is very concerned that the bear shows such an interest here. Especially since it's stalking after dark, and not during the morning.

Anyway, I just wanted you to have a heads up, but I messed up my address book and can't remember everyone's email address. Also, those of us who do weed spraying (I've got quite a few miles to do) be advised!!! The critters should hear the noise of the ATV, et al, then scamper away, but since they're getting so fearless, they might not move away as fast as you'd like, and coming from someone who knows... it'll scare the hell out of you!! Be on your toes!!!! I'll sign off for now, but just wanted to pass this along. I thought about taking some photos last night, but to be honest, I'm not real comfortable with the fact that Bubba is so willing to pose (he simply stands there in my flood lights, and stares at me, no matter how much noise I make, and he's oblivious to my dogs barking at him).