Bear Abatement
By Dave Skogberg

If you are having trouble with bears coming to your place and lingering or displaying destructive behavior, please ask yourself what am I doing that is attracting bears?  A bear is a smelling machine.  They have a sense of smell far greater than humans or even dogs.  If they are repeat visitors it is probably because they smell something that they perceive as a source of food.

If you have a repeat visitor that is coming back to the same location looking for food here are some suggestions to try.

Cayenne pepper powder or "hot sauce" used for cooking or Capsaicin cream used as an analgesic for sore muscles can do the trick.  If you can safely place these in a location that the bear expects to find food when they get a snoot-full of powder or get hot sauce or Capsaicin on their paws and try to lick it off they will know this is not a good place to get the food they want and likely will not return for any more of the same treatment.

This same treatment can be used for rabbits, squirrels, gophers, pack rats and even woodpeckers that decide that the siding on your house is a good place to make a nest.  Diluted Tabasco sauce can also be sprayed on plants to discourage ground squirrels and such from eating your outdoor plants.

Some precautions to use if you try this technique.

Remember if you have not removed the original source of smell that drew that bear in you may still have a repeat customer for your "goodies".