The Big Snow
December 29, 2006

This story and pictures are from John and Cinderella Oetter

These are some pictures we took of down town Trinidad on the way to our cabin.  We ended up waiting in Trinidad at a motel for a couple days until the snow was plowed on the New Mexico side of the border.  Finding ourselves waiting in a long line by Wal-Mart we talked to a state trooper and explained to him that the exit for our cabin was exit 6 just a few exits up the road.

After showing proof of residency he allowed us to go on our way only finding exit 6 was still not plowed.  We saw the plow guys near the exit and told them that this was the exit to our cabin.  They went into action right away and plowed the exit to the ranch.  We called John Sanders and told him the exit was plowed.  We stayed another night in a hotel.  The following day we found the dozer plowing the road to get to the cabin.

Even though our trip was cut short by the weather it was worth it to get to what we call is heaven.  The only other thing that held us up to getting to the cabin was the cows in the road because they had no way to get past the snow banks.  We owe many thanks to Bob Scott and John Sanders for the lines of communication.  This was the first time we had the pleasure to meet Bob Scott and we want to let every one know how hard he works to keep everyone informed on the ranch.  We are very happy to have them as board members.  We would also like to thank Robert Nelson for clearing our driveway; everyone should get his number for future reference.

John & Cinderella Oetter