Lunacy Again.

Because of the response I received after my posting following the Newtown idiocy, and today’s most recent bombing in downtown Boston, an area of which I am very familiar, I am again forced to share some thoughts.

18 years ago, at about this time, we were staying in the old Holiday Inn, a driving trip from Iowa to show Joan the future site of our retirement home that we had purchased three months before, when news of yet another American tragedy came.

I had been asked by our college magazine at the time to write a sort of cover essay for the upcoming edition, which was to be a retrospective of the graduates who had served in WW II, their stories of service now coming in.  I was chosen for this because, as a student of those great world wars, it was deemed I might have some perspective in which with to wrap it all up, all so neatly and tidily.  And to do it all in about three hundred words or so.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the theme I was searching for was presented to me that awful night we arrived in Trinidad.  The following was begun at 4am the next morning in room 128:

PS:  I still have that flag.  I could sell it, of course, but I know where it would eventually end up.  Hate groups since President Obama took office have increased 400%.  Maybe the time will yet come, when this magnificent virgin 9’ x 21’ rayon flag, said to have hung from the Eiffel Tower as one last defiant act when the Germans evacuated, which once stunned to silence my daughter's college class on Intolerance did when it was suddenly by 10 students slowly paraded in to the lecture hall, so carefully preserved these sixty-some years, will finally burn in the driveway of one fortunate man who has never had to suffer because of the history of the likes of it.  A sort of quick blinding transforming tribute to all those in our agonizingly long history of senseless increasing hate who have succumbed and, sadly, continually, increasingly, agonizingly, yet will.