Gallinas Bridge Progress

January 11, 2018
Robert L. Scott

These pictures show the East approach asphalt paving being placed and blended in to the existing frontage road.  The next process at this end of the bridge will be casting permanent curved barriers tying the new steel guardrail to the bridge barriers.


The West Abutment North wingwall is the last of the critical concrete pours.  These structures (two at each end) support the compacted fill material below the approaches.  This is the last concrete that will be sent to the testing lab for strength analysis.

Since these pictures were taken, the concrete test results were returned well above the desired specifications and the approach was filled with compacted class one material and asphalted over.

This end of the bridge will also have curved cast concrete barriers flaring out to the roadway edge.


The beginning of the end for the flatcar bridge.  As soon as the BNSF Structures Dept. has completed and approved its review of the demolition plan, the old flatcars will be lifted by a crane and loaded onto trucks waiting on the new bridge.

Then both old abutments will be removed with excavators and that material placed behind the existing guardshack to widen Fisher Peak Parkway and provide a better location for the replacement guardshack, allowing wider turns off the West end of the bridge.

After removal of the flatcars, the bridge barrier fencing and camera/light poles will be installed, and the concrete drainage slope beneath the bridge completed.