Gallinas Bridge Progress

October 9, 2017
Robert L. Scott

These pictures show the girders being delivered over our winding roads and being set by two cranes.

The larger crane has a capacity of 450 tons, and the smaller is rated at 275 tons.  The West girders were set by being lifted at by the large crane on the East end and the smaller crane on the West end.  The East girders were first lifted on the West end by the smaller crane, then passed to the larger crane.  The smaller crane then swung to the East end of the girder and they both lifted and placed it.

The concrete slab or panel is illustrative of the deck panels which will be placed between the girders as shown in the drawing.  The outer edges of the roadway will be formed with removable struts and forms.

The two overall views of the bridge are the original Engineer's rendition and the actual bridge.