Fire on the
Crazy French Ranch
May 28-29, 2002
by Walt Wolff

There is a bad fire on the Crazy French Ranch.  Lots of response from local and state resources, including planes with retardant.

From a small plume earlier this morning it has grown to a "real one"!  Probably lightning last night (5/27/02).

Photos (below) taken from the frontage road about Cottonwood Canyon Dr. about 2:15 pm today and from our property about 2:30.

Lots of aircraft flying around.

There is also a smaller fire Near Bon Carbo west of HW12 but seems to be holding.

UPDATE: After several planeloads of retardant and the wind dropping off to almost still, it appeared as if the fire was at least being contained and probably under control.  Then the wind picked up and smoke started billowing.  The red fire stuff seems to have halted the progress at it's boundary, however.

UPDATE 5/29: This photo (below) was taken about 11:30am and according to Eddie Gieske, The SFTR fire volunteer communicator/dispatcher, the fire is now "contained".