Fire on the
Crazy French Ranch
Update 6/02/2002
by Mary Jo Shelton

Not out of the woods yet... bad joke.  We have been on this fire since 11am Tuesday.  Scary.  Smokey.  Hot.  I have more blisters than skin, or at least that's how it feels.  It was a lightening strike on the Crazy French Ranch right across I-25 from us.  Coulda been here and coulda come here.  For those of you who don't know what a fire brand is... the tops of burning trees torch, crown, and launch themselves sometimes over several miles.  This was way too close.  Mike and I are both exhausted, very sore and proud that we were a part of this.  We contained the fire to around 400 acres with the help of 5 air tankers and 40 professional "hot shots," not to mention all the mutual aid we received from neighboring volunteer fire depts.  We are pulling our equipment out now and most of us have gone home.  If we luck out we will get to spend all day at the firehouse tomorrow repairing our equipment and repacking the trucks.  A dry T-storm went thru this afternoon and rumor is that there are 2 more fires, one in Stonewall and the other out on the plains east of the mesa.  No final word yet. We are holding our breaths.

"Moi" wailing on a burning stump

Blow up we had on Wednesday that chased us around pretty darn bad

Arrival of the first crew of hot shots, Pike from the Springs

Kind of a symbolic photos for me.  My helmet and our much needed assistance in the background.

What it looks like at dawn and nothing is actively burning