SFTR Christmas Party and
Fisher Peak Fire Protection District Fundraiser
Deemed a Success by all Accounts!

Over 200 SFTR residents, families, friends, and Trinidad neighbors poured into Aultman Hall on Friday December 21st for an evening filled with good cheer, good entertainment, and delicious food. By the end of the evening, counting advanced ticket sales, silent auction proceeds, and miscellaneous donations, organizers had raised close to $5000 (prior to expenses) for the Fire District. Probably even more important than the money raised, everyone had a great time. Stan Obrey has taken over advanced ticket sales for next year, and enthusiasm continues, as participants push for an even bigger event in 2002.

Francie Purswell-Montoya, president of the Fire District Auxiliary and organizer of the event, is already encouraging the theatre production crew to get busy writing the next year’s play.

Following are a series of photos of audience members, organizers, and actors from the production of “Dickens’ A Christmas Carol as He Meant to Write It.”  All photos by Walt Wolff except where noted.  (You can click on the picture to see a larger image of it.  Then use your browser's back button to return to the artcile.)

Director Harriet Vaugeois, right, and Stage Manager MaryJo Shelton, left, give final notes to actor Ron Rowe
Partiers place silent auction bids
Sue Downs shares her adorable granddaughter with Karin Gieske
Actor Harry Ritchie joins actress Karin and lighting technician Eddie Gieske for some nourishment prior to the production
It was a full house, complete with professional lighting
Potluck buffet set up in back room
Joyce Wolff goes over final details with Peggy Obrey
Connor Rowe as Tiny Tim helps Fred Vaugeois prepare for his role as Ebenezer Scrooge
Mike Shelton prepares for his many roles in the play while MaryJo Shelton counts her raffle tickets
Actors Suzanne and Jim Davis decide to go over lines instead of eating dinner prior to the production
Flora Martinez with local Red Cross President Linda Barron
A mug shot?
No, it’s Rick Johnson ready for his role as Fred Scrooge
Carol Rawle as The Ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Come
Photo by Harriet Vaugeois
Carol transformed into the Angel of Hope and Love
Photo by Harriet Vaugeois
Stan Obrey pledges to behave during the play
Jan Ferrero with Priscilla Opper
Chuck Ferrero with Jan
Linda Austin, Assistant Stage Manager, waits with Harry Ritchie for the play to begin. Harry played Old Fezziwig and the Undertaker.  He stopped the show with one of his famous ad libs.
Diane Rader, Jerry Withington, and Gene Downs ready for their first entrance as donation Solicitors
Carolynn Johnson ready for her role as The Ghost of Christmas Past.
Neil Sexton and Fred Vaugeois ready for their entrances as Young Ebenezer and Old Ebenezer Scrooge
Hanns and Mary Schwyzer with Joyce Wolff just before the opening curtain
Look what Jerry Withington did to his favorite cowboy hat!
Fire chief Buddy Curro and actress Diane Rader celebrate their successful performances
Big smiles from the team that ran the show:  Harriet Vaugeois, Eddie Gieske, MaryJo Shelton
Joyce Wolff and Sandy Manifold flank Sue Downs as they congratulate her for her role as Mrs. Fezziwig
Fire Chief Buddy Curro and volunteer fire fighters MaryJo Shelton and Rich Babnick count donations from the boot
Audience members watch as Stan Obrey milks just one more donation from the audience
Final gathering of actors as the evening draws to a close. L-R, Kelly, Nancy, Lindsay, and Brett Spencer, Cory Ferraro, Ron Rowe

A video of the play will be available toward the end of January. Details soon. Thanks to all who helped to make this event a success!