Meet Monica Leche
by Carol Rawle

Having this web site as a vehicle to inform our POA membership of the board candidates for whom they will be voting next month is such a wonderful thing.  In the past, we all received a ballot with some names and were expected to choose our board from a very sketchy bio that accompanied them.  Having an endorsement of an individual candidate by someone who actually knows the person will definitely help us make more informed choices.  So I would like to introduce Monica Leche, board candidate.

Monica is a relatively new SFTR property owner, having owned her lot on the south end of the ranch for one year, but she isn't so new that she doesn't find it necessary to feel the need to get involved and to "contribute something to the POA".  Monica says she wants to make it clear that she has NO AGENDA.  She simply wants to offer her time and energy to serve on the board, "doing whatever needs doing."  Monica recently moved to Raton so attending the required meetings should present no problems.

When I was serving as a POA board member, Bill Quigley, who takes care of the accounting for the POA, treated the board to a seminar on serving on POA boards.  One of the things that was stressed was the high rate of burnout suffered by POA board directors.  One of the biggest causes is coming onto the board with an "agenda."  Some candidates have grandiose ideas of making big changes when they are elected, and when they experience the actual reality of working with eight other board members, having to work toward concensus rather than promoting their own agendas, they become very disillusioned and frustrated.  It's very disruptive to have an elected board member resign before their three year term is up.  It's far better to try to elect directors who have a good chance of sticking it out.  So I say beware of a candidate who says they want to "restore the POA!"

Monica is a hardworking, fair minded, committed individual who wants what is best for the ranch.  She has good business sense as well as the ability to work as a part of a team.  From all her years as a registered nurse, working to help health care institutions restructure for greater efficiency and productivity with the goal of how to better serve the sick and injured, she has the experience necessary for a good board director.  She's a "people person", knowing how to work with her peers toward a common goal, rather than using her position to achieve personal ends.  She would like to work on the road committee because she feels that providing clear roads in winter on the ranch is important.  Monica also said to me, "I am greatly interested in the conservation of wildlife and the overall health of the ranch environment.  These areas have had an ongoing theme in my life and are very important to me."  I think Monica would be a good choice when you vote for three new directors next month.