Letter to Property owners regarding up-coming
election of POA board members

The nominating period for new POA Board positions is now over, and we have four candidates to consider for the three vacant seats: George Gonzales, Monica Leche, Darrel Lee Phelan, and Diane Rader.  At least thirty days prior to our Annual Meeting and election, an election packet will be mailed to all property owners either by email or through the U.S. mail.  Prompt return of proxy ballots or definitive plans to attend the Annual Meeting are very important to ensure a quorum at our meeting and a smooth transition into our next year of operation.

At this time, no other items will be on the Annual Meeting agenda for voting except the election of directors, although all activities involving the use of membership dues will be reported on and discussed, as well as the future of ranch maintenance and development.

Voting for directors is an important responsibility of all property owners, and I encourage you to take advantage of the time between now and the election to get to know the candidates.  Our ranch website and Discussion Forum could be a useful tool for introducing important issues and discussing those with the candidates.  Three of the four candidates are fairly new to the ranch, but they bring a varied background of experience and enthusiasm and have already made themselves known via various ranch activities.

I would like to start the process of meeting the candidates by supporting the candidacy of the person I nominated for the Board, Diane Rader.  Diane and her husband Paul Richter have been very involved with ranch discussions and activities long before they moved to their property about two years ago.  Diane has been a willing volunteer, especially in the area of fundraising for both the Metro District and the Fisher Peak Fire District.  Despite her busy professional schedule as a CPA, Diane still has found the time to help with highway clean-up, the annual picnic, taking several tours of duty at the ranch entrance, hosting the Women’s Group, serving as editor for Morgan Chai’s first published book and up-coming screenplay, and generally being available to advise various current Board members on business and financial procedures.  Diane has also found time to get involved with the performing arts of Trinidad.

I’ve had an opportunity to work personally with Diane on several ranch projects.  She tackles everything she does, with enthusiasm, commitment, intelligence, and honesty.  I know we can trust Diane to take on any challenge and find ways to bring about a successful conclusion.  I encourage you to vote for Diane Rader as a person who will work hard as a team member of the POA Board of Directors, who will be willing to accept any of the more demanding jobs of Board service, and who will help us face and meet the challenges ahead, in terms of diminishing water supplies, increased fire dangers, roads that need lots of maintenance, and a water system that must be brought to an operational level ASAP.

Okay, property owners.  That’s my pitch.  Which candidate do you know well?  What can you tell us about our new neighbors that will help us make good decisions when we vote in October?

Yours truly,

Harriet Vaugeois,
Current POA Board President