SFTR is Happy with
Recent Developments
in Embezzlement Case
May 16, 2001
by Carol Rawle

Last year the Colorado State Audit Office took steps to freeze the Fisher's Peak Fire District funds because they hadn't been submitting the required financial reports. Around the first of this year, the County Commissioners ordered an audit, and appointed a new board of directors for the fire district. Will Potter and Gene Downs from the SFTR were among the new board members. It was discovered that the fire district treasurer, Kay Znidarsich, was misappropriating the funds, writing checks to herself, and buying unauthorized personal items. The former president of the Fisher's Peak Fire District happened to be her husband, so it appeared that he would have had knowledge of what his wife was doing. However, in May, it was only Mrs. Znidarsich that was indicted.

It was determined that she had embezzled some $60,000 in funds from the fire district and was ordered to pay restitution. $20,000 was returned, but in the most recent hearing, Mrs. Znidarsich was fined $5,000 and sentenced to three years in prison for not paying back the remainder of the funds she stole.

Gene Downs states that the fire district is assured of being able to recover the rest of the stolen funds from Mrs. Znidarsich, and that for the first time in recent times, the Fisher's Peak Fire District is in excellent shape. They have a terrific new volunteer fire fighting force, half of whom are SFTR residents. They have all been outfitted with fire fighting gear, and have received excellent training. Indeed, this is a happy ending to an unhappy story.

Additional information is available, perhaps temporarily, on the trinidadco.com web site.  The link is: www.trinidadco.com/stories2001/news/05/15/znidarsich.html