Lazaro Martinez Substation Construction
By Mary Jo Shelton

In 1999 our fire district was about to be disbanded by Las Animas County.  The District was mismanaged and broke but a group of concerned citizens came forward, elected a new Board and appointed a new Chief, Buddie Curro.  Embezzlement was uncovered that went back as far as the early ‘90's.  Criminal charges were successfully brought against one of the long standing board members with $50,000 of embezzled money recovered.  Under the leadership of these new managers the department has literally risen from the "ashes."  Great things have happened to the Fisher's Peak Firefighters in the last 4 years and on October 1, 2003 the construction of the new Lazaro Martinez Substation began.  To date, the superstructure, the exterior walls and roof are basically finished.

Many thanks to all the volunteers!!!  Santa Fe Trail Ranch Property Owners:  John Albert, Bob Gyde, John Sanders, Don Ruward, Steve Smith, Ann Scott, Stan & Peg Obrey, Will Potter, Mary Dye, Jan Ferrero, Bob and Mary Ghormley and Linda Austin.  Firefighters:  Buddie Curro, Donna Curro, Rich Babnick, Dennis Scott, Tim Guenthard, Fred Vaugeois, Rick Johnson, Bob Dye, Carolyn Johnson, Chuck Ferrero, Brett Bolton, Mike Friedrich, H.  Paul Richter, Mike Shelton and Mary Jo Shelton.

So just when you think you are off the hook????  Well, we are still in need of volunteers to help with the finish work inside.  If you can offer any assistance, at all, the folks listed above would greatly appreciate some fresh backs and strong hands.  If you have even just a few hours available to assist in completing YOUR new fire station please call Mike Shelton at 845-9688 or Bob Scott at 845-0007 and let them know what day you are available.

Join me in a photo tribute to all who have worked so hard the past few weeks………

Late September:  The Miracle of Concrete
October 1, 2003:  Project Manager, Bob Scott, waits for the first load of red iron on the pad
Don Ruward (l) and Bob Scott (r) begin the task of placing the red iron in the proper position to be erected
Mike Shelton and Bob Scott wrapping up Day One
Bob Scott muses, "I seem to remember this being quite a bit easier a while back"
From left:  Bob Dye, Bob Gyde and Fred Vaugeois lift a purling to Rusty Goodall and Bob Scott
Rusty Goodall shows the boys that the red iron isn't really that heavy!!! Rusty was on loan to us from Matt Urlacher, owner of K.I.S.S.  Erectors, as well as the use of his 4 wheel drive forklift.  Kudos to Matt and Rusty for all their valuable help and expertise
Bob Scott finishes up some of the high work at the end of a very long day
Mike Friedrich discusses the finer points of drilling with Stan Obrey (r)
Steve Smith (l) and Bob Scott line up the insulation and siding.  Don Ruward, on the ladder, screws the siding to the girts with Rick Johnson, ladder holder

Lunch was provided daily by the FPFPD Auxiliary …… Ann Scott, Mary Dye, Jan Ferrero and Peggy Obrey.  Additional culinary assistance was provided by Mary Jo Shelton, injured reserve, and Carolyn Johnson, Foo-Foo Desert Queen of the Fisher's Peak Fire Department

Chowhounds from left are:  Chief Buddie Curro, Bob Dye, Fred Vaugeois, Mike Shelton, Bob Gyde, Bob Scott, Rick Johnson and Dennis Scott

This after lunch photo needs no explanation……………… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Mike (Sparky) Shelton trims metal with the tool Rick Johnson calls "The Bad Boy."  ***Note the protective ski goggles
Bob Dye and Dennis Scott trying to figure out just how this is all supposed to come together
But come together it did…………… MJ