Fishing Bounty

Bounty Claimed!
By MJ Shelton

July 5, 2002

I am pleased to announce that the 3rd annual Santa Fe Trail Ranch Fishing Tournament was a resounding success.  After a brief review of the rules, the 26 person field was off to a 7 am start.  The first fish of the day was reeled in by Bob Gyde, after a long and arduous fight (1.25 seconds).

What a whopper!

Next the intrepid Seth Reidenour took the lead in the Junior Division and never looked back.

Seth with bull ‘gill which he released.

He was chased all morning by his littermate, Abbey, the Helterbran Clan (Emily, Sarah and Will), the Swift-Boger kids (Marc, Jake, Ashley, Jesse, Cody and Shawn) Mikala Austin and Tegan Thompson.  In the Seniors Division (12 and up)… the collection of anglers included John Woods, Bob Gyde, Mike Friedrich, Al Tucker, Mike Shelton, Dennis Scott, Casey and Phil Garcia, Debbie Roberts, Mike and Marilyn Callaway, Karen Swift and Bill Reidenour.  The contest was "called" at 11:15 due to extreme hunger and the winners announced.  A total of 219 green perch were landed (I don't remember hearing anyone yell for a net) and counted.

Senior Division:
1st Place and winner of the $50 fish bounty with 48 fish:  Sir Dennis Scott, outfit by Orvis.
2nd Place and winner of a SFTR long sleeve T-shirt with 44 fish:  Mr. Mike Friedrich, outfit by Oshkosh, mygosh.
3rd Place and winner of a SFTR short sleeve T-shirt with 14:  Mistah Mike Callaway, in normal clothes.

Denny Scott with the Winning Stringer

Anglers Mike Friedrich, Denny Scott, Mike Callaway, l-r

Children's Division:
1st Place and winner of a SFTR sweatshirt with 13 fish:  Seth Ridenour
2nd Place and winner of a SFTR sweatshirt with 9 fish:  Jesse Boger
Tied for 3rd Place and winners of a SFTR T-shirt with 8 fish:  Emily Helterbran (YOU GO GIRL!!), Will Helterbran and Cody Boger

Seth Ridenour with the Junior Division's winning creel of the day

Junior Division Champs
(l-r) Emily Helterbran, Will Helterbran, Seth Ridenour, Jesse Boger and Cody Boger

Jesse Boger with a "box" lunch

This is where I get all gooey and tell you how great these kids were today.  This day was truly about the kids doing what kids should be doing… having fun, outside in the sun without electronic babysitters.  These young people were just great… interested, cooperative, competitive, unselfish and truly delightful.  They put back the "ones we can't keep" without any discussion and did just an awesome job handling the fish.  No one was bored and they all really seemed to have a wonderful time.  I know they made my day!!! Below is a collection of photos from today's tournament:

Emily with one of her prized catches.  Lets give a great big hand for the only girl award winner!

Dennis Scott with Mike Friedrichs and the Boger-Swift Clan in the background.

Denny used a fly rod to land this monster

Marc "Butterfingers" Swift demonstrates the proper catch and release technique

Boger-Swift Clan jockeys for position at their chosen honey hole

Shawn Boger thinks he has a keeper but snags own stringer instead

Jesse Boger catches "salad" for shore lunch

Shawn Boger searches for the infamous "tree bass"

I would also like to thank Denny Scott for kindly donating his $50 prize so that the kids could win a greater number of prizes.  Our hats are off to you, Mr. Scott.

And of course I would be remiss if I didn't thank my cohorts Carol Friedrich and Sue Downs for their hard work and contributions to this fine fishing tournament.  Even more importantly… they gave up fishing to help me.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Jo Shelton