Who Is Lazaro Martinez?
By Rick Johnson

Last August, Fisher's Peak Fire Protection District initiated construction of their new substation which is dedicated to Lazaro's memory and his legacy of giving.

Now, after some nine months of effort and wonderful community support, we mark the opening of this facility which will serve the very same community that Lazaro himself loved to serve. We know that he would be proud of this building that bears his name.

In the years to come, new fire department members as well as community residents will undoubtedly ask, "Who is Lazaro Martinez?" Well, I hope that who ever answers that question will say something like this:

Lazaro Martinez was a very committed firefighter, family man, veteran and volunteer who gave unselfishly to his community, his family and his country. He died while training to be ever better at doing something he loved…fighting fires. He left to all of us who also serve, now and in the future, a legacy of giving and caring. He did so only for the personal satisfaction that comes from knowing that what we do makes a difference by making our community safer.

Lazaro Martinez will always be with us in spirit as we do our work. We are pleased to share the joy and pride of our new fire station, "The Lazaro Martinez Station," with his family and friends.

Respectfully submitted,
Captain Rick Johnson,
Fishers Peak Fire Protection District.

Flora Martinez, wife of Lazaro Martinez stands with a very proud Chief Buddie Curro in front of the new Lazaro Martinez Substation