Webmaster Visits Ranch
By Joyce Wolff
Photos by Walt Wolff

The Communications Committee was delighted to have new Webmaster, Patrick Roehl, visit the Ranch and his little flock in February.

A very appreciative Communications Committee
L-R: Joyce Wolff, Pat Roehl, Fred & Harriet Vaugeois,
Carol Rawle, Carolynn & Rick Johnson

Pat agreed to take on the awesome task at the POA General Meeting in October, 2000. Since then his enthusiasm and creative approach has breathed new life into the Website and the appreciative Committee is grateful for his effort. Pat, who lives in Florida, has made communications simple and pleasurable with fast postings of our data and swift responses to our questions.

His first visit here since October offered the Committee a chance to say thank you in person. Since his visit coincided with Valentine’s Day, Rick and Carolynn Johnson, on behalf of the Committee, hosted a happy little gathering, fondly labeled a “love-in” by Committee member, Harriet Vaugeois. Of course Harriet was also happy to have husband, Fred, home for a few days at the same time.

On Rick’s notebook computer Pat demonstrated site features, including entrance to the “members only” section. This capability provides property owners with a wealth of information and in the future can be used for actions previously accomplished by mail. Guests enjoyed the Johnson’s warm hospitality, stunning home and the excellent food provided by Carolynn and committee members. Joyce and Walt Wolff found Pat to be a delightful houseguest as well.

Thank you, Pat, from all of us!

A happy Communications Committee Chair, Carol Rawle, and Pat

Guest Dave Olson with Love-in hosts Carolynn and Rick Johnson

Pat explains "How it works..."

...And Harriet gives it a try

Board Member Harriet Vaugeois and Webmaster Patrick Roehl

Committee member Fred Vaugeois and guest Joy Gipson

Betty and Jerry Withington

Harriett and Fred Vaugeois with Rick Johnson looking in

Carol Rawle and Carolynn Johnson