Michelle is Getting Close
By Joyce Wolff
Photos by Walt Wolff

It's has seemed a long time coming but Michelle Minion is about ready to open the doors of Santa Fe Trail Medical Center, her new rural health clinic, located at 111 Waverly in Trinidad. Her dedicated crew has been preparing the building for proper occupancy (hopefully in another week) for the past couple of weeks. Friends and neighbors from the Ranch and town have been cleaning, painting, scrubbing, hanging cabinets and sewing countless bits of fabric wear for patients. It's been fun seeing it all fall into place as well as enjoying friendship and laughter. I will follow up soon with a complete article and the "after" shots. Till then here are some "before" shots.

Brother-in-law, Jerry Withington has been everywhere at once
Ann Scott and Michelle's sister, Betty Withington (work superintendent), take on the floors
Jan Ferrero polishing up the sinks in one of the four examining rooms
Joyce Wolff offers Bruce Crosby a bite of pizza during a lunch break. Bruce, a pharmaceutical representative from Eli Lily, not only provided lunch but entertained us as well. Ann Scott, Bruce, Michelle, Joyce, Jan and Michelle's receptionist enjoy the moment
The freshly polished walls gleam and the floors wait their turn
The work room will be the staff lounge in a few days