The Santa Fe Trail Ranch
Entrance Has a New Look
Thanks to the Volunteer Efforts of a Huge
Group of Dedicated Property Owners
Photos and story by Harriet Vaugeois

First, the weed-pulling and paint crew tackled the area around the guard shack. Joyce and Walt Wolff, Sue Downs, and Sue Davis pulled weeds. Peggy Obrey, Jan Ferrero, and Kathleen Kelly took down old signs and painted the guard shack.

Dale Swett and the new sign
Artist Dale Swett designed and built the new entrance sign
Next Greg Beaumont and Ray Lucero started moving in ranch rocks. Greg then planted trees and shrubs around the shack and within the rock formations.

In the meantime, Dale Swett built, routered, painted, and finished two new signs for the ranch entrance. With the assistance of Vaughn Roundy and later the installation crew of Roundy, Bill Bumstead, Bill Wenstrom, Michael Hughes, Dan and Derek Olin, Roberto Jordan, and Darrell DeMarco, Dale supervised the sign placements.

Huge thanks are due to Dale Swett and Greg Beaumont for their countless hours of labor and artistic designs. Thanks also to the rest of the crews for assisting throughout the planning and construction process. See complete details in the General Appearance Meeting Minutes.

New Sign with installation crew
(Counter-clockwise from left) Bill Wenstrom, Harriet Vaugeois, Vaughn Roundy, Bill Bumstead, Dale Swett, and Michael Hughes helped with the sign installation on Friday, August 24th.

Click Here to see a larger image of the new sign.