The New Year's Eve Party

A house full of happy revelers welcomed the new century at Stan and Peggy Obrey’s home at their second-in-a-row New Year’s Eve Party for all Santa Fe Trail Ranch property owners. Although there was an abundance of potluck appetizers, the host whipped up (he makes it look soooo easy) his sought after dim sum and sushi delicacies, including sashimi, and explained the finer culinary points to eager appreciators. The Obreys have a wonderful home for parties including a kitchen island that allows guests to visit and watch the goings-on from all sides.

Twelve o’clock was celebrated with champagne, streamers, noisemakers, kisses and laughter. (Guests owe Peggy some janitorial hours.)

As visitors left Stan added a terrestrial treat: a look at Saturn and it’s rings: brightly visible through the elegant telescope he built. Is there no end to this man’s talents?

Stan and Peggy, thank you for your enthusiasm and friendship and for adding joy to our lives!

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Carolyn Santoro, Sue Downs, Suzie Davis

Connie Tucker, Hanns, Peggy

Diane Rader, Betty Whithington, and Jan Ferrero

Ferrero's neice and husband, Amanda and Jeff Roberts

Gene Downs & Jim Davis

Hanns and Mary Schwyzer

Jeannie Albert, Mary Jo and Mike Shelton

Jeannie hoping for sushi

Jerry Whithington, Michelle Minion

Joyce and Walt Wolff

Mary Jo, Harriet Vaugeois

Michelle Minion, Mary Jo Shelton

Naughty Jim

Paul Richter

Paul, Diane, Jeannie and John Albert

Ron and Carolyn Rankin

The Girls

The host and hostess